VANCOUVER, Dec 15 ( – Yesterday Ted Gerk, of the Pro-Life Resource Centre reported that the president of a major baby parts marketer in the US was caught on tape saying that he expected Canada to be the leading source of fetal body parts, especially for “late” abortions, thus “larger” babies). 

Dr. Miles Jones, president of Opening Lines, a U.S.-based firm providing fetal body parts to medical researchers, has been recorded on tape stating about Canada: “We’re actually going in there and saying to the clinic, we’re going to cover some of your processing costs, and your overhead. We become a very attractive alternative to them. So … I’m believing that they’re going to be our best source for the late ones and we know where the larger ones are there.” 

Gerk said that “Jones’ admission that he has been negotiating for body parts from late term abortions means that Canadian abortion clinics and hospitals are attempting to sell body parts for medical experimentation.” He called for an official investigation “by all provincial health ministers and the federal minister of health, examining late-term abortion in Canada –  and the possible use and shipping of baby body parts to fetal clearinghouses in the United States and other nations.”