TORONTO, Sept 13 ( – Marilynne Seguin, the 61-year-old Canadian assisted-suicide activist and founder of “Death With Dignity”, killed herself last Thursday in the presence of a doctor with a lethal drug concoction. Seguin, a nurse, fought for the “right to die” for twenty years. While she attempted to distance herself from America’s Jack Kevorkian, or Dr. Death as he is known, she boasted of having “counseled” over 2000 patients. According to section 241 of the Criminal Code counseling for suicide and euthanasia, even for the most compassionate is a crime punishable with a possible 14-year prison term.

While she did not admit to actually administering lethal drugs she said that she was present for over 350 suicides or assisted suicides. Just prior to her death she contacted Toronto Star columnist Tom Harpur, who obligingly wrote a pro-assisted-suicide propaganda piece,  glorifying Seguin and the pro-death movement. Included in Harpur’s writeup was a plug for Seguin’s last book, “Managing Your Death”, to be released shortly.