REGINA, Saskatchewan, June 11, 2012 ( – The largest private worker’s union in Canada has come out against the “New Abortion Caravan,” an appropriation of the famous pro-abortion 1970 Abortion Caravan by the anti-abortion Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

The pro-life caravan has been attracting widespread media coverage on television and radio from Vancouver into the prairies, and angry denunciations from abortion rights activists. Now the Canadian Auto Worker’s Union (CAW) is wading in, promising counter-protests at each of CCBR’s presentations across the country.


Julie White, CAW’s director of Women’s Programs, responded to CCBR’s caravan in the following statement: “In April 1970, the Vancouver Women’s Caucus set out for Ottawa…Their actions would lay the groundwork that would see the legalization of a woman’s right to choose. Today 42 years later, an organization known as the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform wants to take away our rights using fear, guilt, and shock tactics. Join us at the counter protests and let’s once again tell them that our reproductive fights are not up for debate.”

Stephanie Gray, CCBR’s executive director, responded by saying, “The old Abortion Caravan brought us abortion, which decapitates, dismembers, and disembowels pre-born Canadian children. We seek to redeem history.”

“I also find it shocking that the largest private worker’s union in the country is using its union dues to advocate for abortion. Participation in this union is mandatory, and yet people like CAW president Ken Lewenza are using the union dues of pro-life auto workers to advocate for Canada’s status quo as the only Western democracy to have no abortion restrictions,” Gray continued.

“Canadians are forced to fund abortion with their tax dollars, and now CAW members are being forced to advocate for it with their union dues.  What does abortion have to do with workplace issues for autoworkers?  It is unfortunate that Ken Lewenza has no respect for his employees’ freedom of conscience,” she added.

The New Abortion Caravan will be in Regina today, then heads into Manitoba and Ontario as the week progresses.  The schedule of the New Abortion Caravan’s presentations can be found here.