By Hilary White

OTTAWA, January 29, 2008 ( – A homosexual activist lobby has thanked the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW), for a donation of $25,000 Cdn.

A media release from PFLAG Canada (formerly the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) says the grant was provided through the CAW’s Social Justice Fund to help finance the homosexual lobby group’s efforts in Canada’s schools to legitimize homosexuality.

The group says the money will go in part to fund “school anti-homophobia initiatives”.

PFLAG is a key part of the homosexual lobby in the US, Canada and the UK. Founded in the US in the 1970’s, the organization’s stated goals are to engage in “education, to enlighten an ill-informed public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights.” Its work has been instrumental in bringing acceptance of homosexuality into the mainstream of public life. 

PFLAG’s guiding principle, in union with the rest of the movement, is that homosexuality is nothing more than a normal variant on human sexuality, no more important than variants in “skin colour, hair colour, height, left or right-handedness.”

In the US, PFLAG, by presenting itself as the “family face” of the movement, has been particularly successful in disseminating this principle among mainstream Christian denominations, including the Catholic Church in some areas. It has been instrumental in moving Christian dialogue on homosexuality towards discussions of “equality” and away from matters of sexual morality.

In the Minneapolis St. Paul archdiocese, for example, PFLAG is an integral part of the homosexual movement that has entrenched itself in the machinery of the Church through their involvement in the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM). The CPCSM is a quasi official body whose leadership works within the Archdiocese in various official capacities.  

Since its founding, the Canadian Auto Workers Union has maintained close association with the homosexual political movement. In areas outside the life and family issues, the union reveals its position on the extreme left in its lobbying against the reduction of taxation for individuals and tax incentives for small business and in its support for bigger government.

The CAW’s devotion to the homosexual cause goes back as far as its founding as an offshoot of the United Auto Workers: In 1985, the CAW’s first constitution contains an article stating that among the union’s objectives is “to unite all workers…into one organization without regard to … sexual preference.” In 1994, the language is changed to sexual orientation”. By 1990, the first “gay and lesbian” caucus is founded within the union, mostly to address same-sex benefits. By 2001, CAW “LGBT” caucuses exist in Windsor, London, the Golden Horseshoe, and Oshawa-Toronto East- Peterborough.

In 1991, CAW LGBT caucuses begin using the Human Rights Tribunals as a tool to further the homosexual political movement in complaints against Canadian Airlines and Air Canada. By 1994 Nissan, Windsor Plastics, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Pinkertons, the Co-op Housing Federation of Toronto, Brampton Hydro, CN, CAMI, Northern Telecom and Falconbridge Mines are among the businesses forced by the CAW’s homosexual activists to introduce employee benefits to those in same-sex partnerships. These groups have also been instrumental in the introduction of federal and provincial legislation making these benefits a matter of Canadian law.

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