Canadian Baptist Church Decides to Revoke Licenses to Marry From Pastors who Solemnize Homosexual “M

ST JOHN, New Brunswick, December 13, 2004 ( - At a Convention Council meeting held in November, the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, responded to a judicial decree legalizing same-sex “marriage” for Nova Scotia. The Council warned that any Baptist ministers who solemnize same-sex unions would have their licenses to perform marriages revoked.

“Be it resolved that no pastor or chaplain, who is registered as authorized to solemnize marriages under the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches shall perform or assist at any same-sex marriage ceremony, and if any pastor or chaplain does, his/her authorization to perform marriages shall be revoked by the Board of Ministerial Standards and Education,” the decree read.  Disciplinary action against pastors solemnizing same-sex “marriage” may also include dismissal: “Furthermore, such action by any pastor or chaplain who performs or assists at any same-sex marriage ceremony may be subject to review and may result in the removal of his/her credentials/accreditation with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.”  See the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches website:   Read related coverage:  Protection for Religious Freedom in Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Legislation “Very Weak”   tv

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