LONDON, May 30, 2003 ( – Newly appointed London Ontario Bishop Ronald Fabbro will take part in an eight kilometer pro-life walkathon tomorrow.  Joining the bishop in the walk will be London area MP Pat O’Brien.  Speaking with Herman Goodden of the London Free Press, Bishop Fabbro also commented on the recent scandal in which Prime Minister Jean Chretien said to reporters “I am a Catholic and for abortion.”  Responding to a question from Goodden on the Chretien affair, Bishop Fabbro said, “That’s what we have to work against. There’s a mentality in this culture that maintains you can be a Catholic and pro-choice and that would be acceptable. It’s not. We need to educate people—even our Catholics—about why we take the stance we do for life, that there is a specifically Catholic position on abortion that is based on human reason and experience.”  Fabbro said he decided to walk because “I wanted to support the London Right to Life organization. I think it’s an opportunity for those who support our stance on life to show our solidarity with one another. Often it’s a lonely struggle for them. A lot of people in our society just don’t see the appalling destruction of human life that is going on.”“In a way, what’s required is a conversion from the consumerist mentality that treats people like things and commodities. You’re asking people to look at something which involves so much emotion and politicizing now that it’s hard to break through that to look at the matter objectively. As much as some people might find the subject upsetting or distasteful, abortion is one of those alarming things that we just can’t be silent about.”  (with files form London Free Press, 2003-05-30, Herman Goodden)