By John-Henry Westen

Bishop Fred HenryCALGARY, September 12, 2006 ( – Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary has written a pastoral letter which calls on Catholics to “push back” in the battle against traditional marriage in Canada. The article, written in the forthright and courageous style Canadian Catholics have come to expect from Bishop Henry, explains that the Church approaches the issue from a standpoint of love.

Thus in his first point about the “adverse effects” of the same sex ‘marriage’ legislation, Bishop Henry cites the concern for those Canadians who engage in homosexual sexual practices which are dangerous for their wellbeing.“The homosexual lifestyle must now be treated as wholesome and legitimate, when in reality, it is unwholesome and immoral.”

The bishop noted that even among those who oppose same sex ‘marriage’ “many . . . are unaware of the adverse effects already posed by our current legislation.”

In addition to the above mentioned adverse effect, Bishop Henry noted that:
“The traditional family has its status and necessary privileges questioned
“Freedom of speech is threatened for those who oppose same-sex ‘marriage’ in public.”
“Civil servants unwilling to cooperate with same sex ‘marriage’—such as marriage commissioners in B.C., Saskatchewan and other provinces—are dismissed.”
“Adoption of children by ‘gays’ and lesbians is ‘legal.’
“‘Gay’ activists have now demanded successfully in B.C. that the curriculum be changed to suit their agenda.”

Bishop Henry warns that we are headed for, and in fact are in the midst of, further attacks on marriage. He recalls cases and bills seeking equality for “the recognition and equality of what are called transgendered and transvestite people . . . for the acceptance of polygamy (more than one wife) and polyandry (more than one husband).”

“The legal acceptance of so-called same sex ‘marriage’”, says the Calgary Bishop, “should be seen in the light of many years of agitation for the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.”

Concluding, Bishop Henry states: “We now find ourselves confronted by a false way of thinking, which has weakened the moral fabric of our society, and attacked the social primacy of the family. It is time to push back.”

He calls on Christians to “pray every day for the institution of traditional marriage in Canada,” to contact politicians insisting they restore the traditional definition of marriage, and that they study and be faithful to the Church’s teachings on marriage.

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