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Archbishop Paul-André Durocher of the Gatineau diocese in Quebec

GATINEAU, Quebec (LifeSiteNews) — Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher of Gatineau, Quebec, said in a tweet Sunday that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s assessment of the Freedom Convoy movement in Canada was “fabricated” and “mistaken.”

Gatineau is the city adjacent to Ottawa, on the border of Quebec and Ontario. The two cities comprise the National Capital Region of Ottawa-Gatineau, with Gatineau being home to many who work and go to school in Ottawa.

Viganò released a letter wherein he lent his support to the Freedom Convoy movement and the resistance to the Great Reset and COVID tyranny in Canada.

“Demonstrate for your rights, Canadian friends: but may these rights not be limited to a simple claim to the freedom to enter supermarkets or not to be vaccinated: may it also be a proud and courageous claim to your sacrosanct right to be free men,” Viganò said.

Archbishop Durocher tweeted that he disagreed with Viganò “as a Canadian … close to the scene.”

Just before Christmas, his own province instituted a vaccine segregation policy for those wishing to attend Church. The policy effectively banned unvaccinated Catholics from attending Mass, unless a priest chose to turn a blind eye.

It is not clear why Viganò’s assessment of the “scene” is incorrect, considering the Italian prelate lent his support to those fighting for the rights of Canadians to live vaccine-free in an era of draconian mandates.

Viganò also mentioned in his statement that there is a link between Canadian politics and the Great Reset proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

WEF head Klaus Schwab bragged about the organization’s penetration into “the cabinets” of countries including Canada. He mentioned Justin Trudeau as an associated by name.