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Bishop Ronald Fabbro in a June 2020 video. Diocese of London / Youtube

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LONDON, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian Bishop Ronald Peter Fabbro of the Diocese of London, Ontario is once again urging the faithful to take the abortion-tainted COVID injections and wear masks in church buildings. 

“We have made incredible progress in our fight against COVID-19 (C-19), but we are now facing some imminent threats that will likely cause further spread of the virus and related health challenges for many,” Fabbro wrote in a November 24 letter to his flock.

“The vast majority of medical professionals emphasize the importance of getting the vaccine to fight C-19,” Fabbro continued. “These are readily available for almost all ages of children, youth, and adults.” 

The Canadian prelate advocated for getting “booster shots,” especially for people with pre-existing conditions who should be getting boosters “as often as they can.”

“This is still the best way for us to fight this pandemic if all who are able to be vaccinated do so,” insisted the bishop, adding that people should also get the “annual flu shots” since they are “a great weapon for fighting off the flu.”


Fabbro’s promotion of the “vaccines” come despite the fact that the COVID inoculations are tainted with fetal tissue from aborted babies which has led many Catholics to avoid the shots for conscience reasons and the reality that many people have been seriously injured or even died after receiving the experimental jabs.

In his letter, Fabbro also urged the faithful to wear masks, saying, “I strongly encourage all people, then, to wear masks when gathering in our parish churches, halls, or other related buildings.”

“Wearing proper masks – and wearing them properly – has been proven to stop the spread of viruses or, at least, to slow them down,” Fabbro continued, adding that wearing masks would only be a “small sacrifice” that may help to prevent churches from being closed “for another Christmas.” 

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Fabbro’s claim that wearing masks has been proven to stop or slow the spread of the virus is questionable, as studies have shown that countries with high mask usage did not perform better than countries with low levels of mask compliance. Masks can also have negative effects on physical and mental health, with one German consumer protection agency finding that COVID masks are actually harmful to children. 

The Canadian bishop also demanded that ministers of Holy Communion wear masks and sanitize their hands, especially when someone receives communion on the tongue. 

“I continue to expect that all ministers of Holy Communion who exercise their ministry in a church, seniors residence, nursing home, or private home wear a mask and sanitize their hands properly before distributing Communion, and after each time a communicant receives Communion on the tongue,” he wrote, adding that “this directive does not allow the possibility of giving Communion on the tongue even to two people in a row without sanitizing after each person receives, even if those people are related.” 

Fabbro’s concern that reception of communion on the tongue is more dangerous than reception on the hand has been challenged by experts. A scientific article by Sergey Budav in the Journal of Religion and Health concluded that “[t]he traditional manner of receiving Communion on the tongue is therefore unlikely to incur a high risk of infection transmission.”

“If we all do our part, we will overcome these viruses and be prepared to deal with the next one to come along,” Fabbro stated. “Let us continue this joint effort, and let us continue to pray for those who have been afflicted by C-19, especially our children and seniors.” 

This is not the first time Fabbro has pushed COVID measures on his flock.

In December 2020, the bishop banned communion on the tongue and enforced mask mandates, warning priests that non-compliance could lead to them facing “prosecution.”

In 2021, Fabbro went a step further and outright mandated the COVID injections for all priests and parish workers in his diocese, a move that led to significant backlash from faithful Catholics both locally and nationally.