COBOURG, ON, August 11, 2005 ( – In the latest sequel to the lurid events of earlier this summer, the so-called Catholic “ordinations” of nine women in a “secret” ceremony on the St. Lawrence River, a Cobourg Catholic priest has come out strongly in defense of the women and their actions.

In an interview with the Osprey News Network the Catholic priest openly defied the teachings of the Catholic Church. “I believe that this is the beginning of a new and awesome change in the life of the Church,” said Rev. Edward Cachia of St. Michael’s Catholic Church about the farcical ordinations.

“I feel a deep sense of respect and admiration towards these brave women. I would like to congratulate them for following their conscience and responding to the call of becoming priests and deacons.”

Fr. Cachia’s congratulations, however, are misplaced, since according to Catholic teaching the ordinations never actually occurred, and in fact the women placed themselves outside of the Church by taking part in the blasphemous ‘rite’. In the past women who have pursued similar measures have been formally excommunicated by the Vatican. Both Pope John Paul II and successor Benedict XVI have strongly reiterated the 2000-year-old teaching contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that “the ordination of women is not possible.”

When asked if he would suffer any consequences for his outspoken defiance Cachia responded, “I don’t know…I really believe that, if I am following the will of God in all this, the Lord will not abandon me. He will not let me down.” contacted Fr. Tom Lynch, the spokesperson for the diocese of Peterborough who said that the chancery was already aware of the situation and is “assessing the situation…to see what will be done.”

Fr. Cachia was unavailable for comment.

The diocesan bishop, who has a history of fidelity to Catholic teachings, is

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