By John Jalsevac

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (December 20, 2005) – This past week the Canadian Human Rights museum, targeted for completion by 2010, received another $6.575 million in private donations, bringing the total of private donations to $46.5 million.

“Across Canada, people are reaching for the stars – fully understanding what this Museum can do to transform our country and make an impact in the world,” said Gail Asper, the Campaign Chair for the museum, in announcing the new donations.

The private funds are in addition to the hefty $100 million pledged by Canada’s Liberal government towards the project. The province of Manitoba has also promised to cover up to 10% of the project costs, while the city of Winnipeg has set aside $20 million.

According to the Museum website the building will be “a centre of learning and history where people can engage in dialogue and commit to taking action to combat the forces of hate and oppression.” warned in a previous Special Report that the expensive endeavour is only the latest project by the Liberal government and leftist ideologues to impose their interpretation of Trudeau’s destructive Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Canada and into the international realm.

One commentator writing for The Winnipeg Independent Media Centre (IMC-Winnipeg), an independent Winnipeg news source, questioned the exorbitant funding granted the project by the federal government after almost no public consultation.

“Before there was enough discussion about why, exactly, we need such a museum, members of our business, social and political elite have been able to wrangle commitments for huge amounts of our tax dollars to be spent on the museum. Failing to get in line and behind the project might imply that one is…anti-Semitic, something no one wants to be labeled with, especially if they are part of the elite.”

“The media has been strangely (or perhaps, predictably) quiet on asking the question, why do we need this museum? No one is prepared to ask this question. I strongly believe that the majority of Winnipeggers cannot answer this question and are, in fact, opposed to $100 million of tax dollars being spent on it.”

Construction on the museum is not set to begin until full funding has been collected. Currently the project is approximately $54 million short.

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