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OTTAWA, Ontario, October 10, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The leader of Canada's official opposition condemned the violence against a pro-life woman who was roundhouse-kicked a week and a half ago by a pro-abortion supporter in Toronto. 

“No woman should ever fear for her safety on Canadian streets simply because of her personal convictions,” tweeted Conservative leader Andrew Scheer on Friday. “I condemn this outrageous and unprovoked attack in the strongest terms.”

So far, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has remained silent on the attack on this pro-lifer.

It happened on Sunday, September 30 at a Life Chain event in Toronto. In a video that's gone viral since the attack, pro-lifer Marie-Claire Bissonnette approaches Jordan Hunt on the sidewalk. They talk about abortion. 

Then, Hunt roundhouse kicks her, hitting her on the shoulder, and knocking her phone from her hands. Identified by internet sleuths and later arrested by police, he is now facing charges in connection with that attack.

Despite the viciousness of this attack against a woman, male “feminist” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been completely silent, failing to respond to a media request about it. 

The Office of the Prime Minister instead handed off the request last week to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale whose staff issued a generic condemnation of all forms of violence.

On Facebook, the Conservatives' deputy shadow minister of foreign affairs, Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan Member of Parliament Garnett Genuis has a video showing clips of both the attack on Bissonnette and another against pro-life women at Ryerson University October 1. Genuis is calling on the prime minister to take a stand.

In a video of the second attack, a member of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective, Gabby Skwarko, approaches Toronto Against Abortion founder Blaise Alleyne and member Katie Somers from behind.

The pro-abortion activist is seen kicking and pushing Alleyne, swinging and then throwing a metal dolly cart, and repeatedly pushing Somers, and trying to tear a backpack from her back. 

On Facebook, that attacker claims to be in a relationship with another woman, Emily Mae. In an ironic twist, she posted a message on social media in late August apparently warning students at Ryerson of the alleged threat posed by pro-lifers.

“Anti-choicers in full force on Ryerson campus,” Mae warned in a Facebook message that has since been removed. “Stay safe everyone.”

A little over a month later, Mae's same-sex partner was filmed attacking pro-lifers.

Conservatives are chiding Trudeau for failing to condemn this violence.

“Will Trudeau condemn the violence against these women?” Genuis asks in his video on Facebook. 

In a letter to the prime minister, Genuis tells Trudeau that “violence of this sort can have a chilling effect on public discourse. That is why, as soon as I heard about this issue, I quickly issued a public statement condemning this act.”

The Conservative politician points out the prime minister's words carry a lot of weight and urges him to issue a statement to condemn these specific acts.

“Canadians need to know that the prime minister will oppose any violence against anyone, including those with whom he disagrees,” writes Genuis in his letter.

On Facebook, Genuis wrote Friday he was deeply disturbed by this apparently politically-motivated violence against a woman who was expressing pro-life views.

“All politicians, whether pro-life or pro-choice, should take a clear stand against politically-motivated violence in Canada, and law enforcement must ensure that those who perpetrate these acts are held accountable,” he wrote.

Both LifeSiteNews and Genuis have launched online petitions calling on Canadian political leaders to condemn this violence against pro-lifers.

At Campaign Life Coalition, the Canadian organizer of Life Chain, the lack of any direct reference to the pro-life position of these latest victims of pro-abortion violence in Scheer's condemnation has not gone unnoticed.

The leader of the Official Opposition's tweet, says Campaign Life Coalition spokesman Matthew Wojciechowski, didn’t go far enough.

“The leader of the opposition missed a great opportunity to expose what is happening in Canada – which is that pro-life speech is being stifled,” said Wojciechowski. “Pro-lifers are being attacked.”

“It would go a lot further if he were to condemn this violence for what it is, violence against pro-life people, and against pro-life beliefs,” he said.

In an email blast to all MPs last week, CLC urged elected officials to publicly condemn this act of violence against pro-life Canadians.

“We are pleased that some MPs such as Garnett Genuis have condemned this political violence against pro-life people. We hope they will challenge the Prime Minister on this in the House of Commons,” the email stated.