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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Candice Bergen wasted no time in denouncing the passage of the Emergencies Act Monday as a form of “government overreach.”

“Conservative MPs stood up for Canadians and voted against this government overreach. The Emergencies Act was not necessary to clear the blockades. The government already had all the tools they need under current Canadian law,” wrote Bergen in a letter posted Monday. “We will continue to fight this power grab by the Prime Minister and his government.”

Bergen posted her letter just shortly after the House of Commons voted in favor of maintaining the Emergencies Act.

Trudeau took the unprecedented step of enacting the Emergencies Act on February 14. He claimed it was needed to deal with the truckers participating in the Freedom Convoy, which had been in Ottawa for the past three weeks protesting COVID mandates.

The CPC along with the Bloc Quebecois were the only parties to oppose the Emergencies Act.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals passed the Act with the help of the New Democrats.

“Liberal and NOP MPs will need to explain to Canadians why they are continuing to enforce a national state of emergency that gives the federal government far-reaching powers and authority,” wrote Bergen.

On Monday, right after the motion was passed, Bergen “gave notice of a motion to revoke the Prime Minister’s emergency.” This was immediately shot down by the house leader.

To trigger a motion to revoke the Emergencies Act, the support of 20 MPs is needed.

Canada’s Senate is now debating the Emergencies Act, with a vote expected to take place Thursday. If the Senate is to vote in favor of the Act, only 10 senators are needed to trigger a motion to revoke it.

Canada’s Parliament will resume sitting on February 28.

Police in Ottawa on Friday today moved in military-style, under the direct orders of Trudeau through the Emergencies Act, to tow away vehicles as well as arrest many people from the trucker Freedom Convoy.

The police also warned the press they are not allowed in the area. Trudeau canceled a scheduled sitting of parliament Friday due to what was a calculated police operation.

The vast majority of protesters on Parliament Hill in Ottawa were peaceful. During the clear-out, at least one elderly lady was violently trampled by police.

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