Canadian conservative think tank to host ‘the adverse impacts of COVID lockdowns’ event online

Presenters will discuss 'options to carve a new path moving forward' in response to the ineffectiveness of lockdowns.
Tue Apr 20, 2021 - 7:29 pm EST
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April 20, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The Canada Strong and Free Network, a conservative Canadian think tank focused on limiting government and protecting free speech, will host an online seminar to discuss “the adverse impacts of COVID lockdowns and alternative courses of action moving forward.”

The online event is titled “When Politicians Panic: A Look at COVID Management – What’s Working, What’s Not Working and Alternatives Moving Forward.” It will take place April 21 at noon EST.

“For over a year now Canadians have been in an endless cycle of lockdowns,” the online seminar description states. “This clearly is not working. Join us for a discussion April 21st as we examine the adverse impacts of lockdowns and the options to carve a new path moving forward.”

The Canada Strong and Free Network was originally founded in 2005 as the Manning Centre for Building Democracy by former Reform Party/Conservative Party MP Preston Manning. 

The event is free to attend and is open to all, and will include prominent speakers known in conservative circles in Canada from medical, political, and media backgrounds. 

These include Dr. Richard Audas, Conservative Party of Canada MP Pierre Poilievre, U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman, and Sun writer Anthony Furey. 

Furey is one of the few Canadian mainstream media reporters who has questioned extended Wuhan coronavirus lockdowns on a regular basis. He has also openly cross-examined the mainstream media’s role in shaping how Canadians view the coronavirus. 

“It's become clear that there are too many Canadians getting their news in an echo chamber, completely unaware that many experts here oppose lockdowns. This thread compiles news stories on these Canadian experts. I hope it's a useful resource that gets this news shared widely,” Furey wrote recently on Twitter. 

Dr. Audas is the creator of the “COVID Misery Index” that was recently released by McDonald Laurier Institute.

The “COVID Misery Index” is a “a comparative tool designed to assess comprehensive government performance through the COVID-19 pandemic, measuring the extent to which the virus itself and our responses to it have harmed human well being,” according the site description. 

CONTACT YOUR MPPS AND MPS: Resist oppressive lockdowns! Click to contact your MPPs and MPs now.

Subject experts for the online seminar include Dr. Matt Strauss and David Redman.

Redman worked in emergency management in Alberta, Canada, and North America, and has come out against COVID lockdowns and the strategies of the Alberta government.

Dr. Strauss is an “internal medicine and ICU specialist practicing in Ontario” who is active social media critic of lockdowns.
“I am troubled by a burgeoning suspicion that the most intelligent, effective, and clear-thinking people are not in charge,” Strauss wrote recently on Twitter.

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