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Canadian dad, referred to as 'CD' in court documents, speaks to Dan Dicks of Press for Truth on March 10, 2020 about his efforts to save his daughter from being 'transitioned' into a 'male.' His face has been blurred to respect court rulings.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The Canadian father who went to court last year to try and stop doctors from “transitioning” his troubled 14-year-old daughter from female to “male” may be charged with criminal contempt of court for breaching an order forbidding him to speak to the media.

Vancouver-based Christian broadcaster Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson may also be charged with criminal contempt of court in connection with a video she posted of her interview with the father last month.

A court ban forbids the publication of any information that could identify any of the parties in the case, including the father, who is referred to in court documents as “CD.”

But even as B.C. Supreme Court justice Michael Tammen referred the matter Tuesday to the province’s attorney general to consider prosecuting the two, another journalist jumped into the fray.

Vancouver-based Dan Dicks of Press for Truth posted an interview with the father on March 10.

Indeed, the tragic case that is receiving international attention has pivoted away from the fate of the daughter — who has been receiving testosterone shots for several months — to her lawyers’ attempts to enforce orders prohibiting her dad speaking out publicly.

“This story is about what happens when the public loses confidence in the rule of law,” pointed out Kari Simpson of Culture Guard, who until recently was involved in the case.

“Is the real issue here the conduct of the court or the conduct of the father? Look what they did to him,” she added.

“It’s the court that has brought itself into disrepute, not what Laura Lynn or the father is doing.”

Thompson and the father received a warning from the judge last month.

Thompson has since removed her interview, but it is still accessible on sites within Canada and has been widely disseminated outside the country on such sites as Mass Resistance, as well as proliferating on social media. The father has also been interviewed by The Federalist.

The fate of Dicks of Press for Truth, and his interview with the father, which was still online at press time, remains to be seen.

What was notable about the March 9 and 10 court proceedings is that the daughter’s lawyers — who include “queer” activist Barbara Findlay — admitted they were not acting under the direction of their client, who is now 15 years old and presumably does not want to pursue charges against her father, Thompson told LifeSiteNews.

The lawyers then requested that the judge refer the matter to the attorney general to consider pursuing criminal contempt of court charges against Thompson and the father.

Simpson predicts the decision will come soon.

“They will prosecute,” she told LifeSiteNews. “The B.C. NDP is hostile to parental rights and will punish those who try to protect children with judicial vengeance.”

The father went to court last year to argue that his child, who has suffered emotional distress and depression since her parents separated in 2013, lacked the maturity to understand the radical and long-term consequences of the hormones, and that she had fallen under the sway of transgender activists.

This includes the psychologist who advised her at age 13 to “transition” from a girl to a boy, and the pediatric endocrinologist at the BC Children’s Hospital who recommended in his first meeting with the girl and her mother that she start testosterone shots. The doctor subsequently informed the father that his consent was not needed.

Neither of these individuals can be named under the publication ban.

Last February, Judge Gregory Bowden ruled that CD’s refusal to refer to his daughter as a boy and his efforts to oppose her “transition” constituted “family violence.”

In April, Judge Francesca Marzari issued a protection order at the behest of the daughter’s lawyers forbidding CD from speaking to the media, and from referring to his daughter as a girl or using female pronouns when referring to her, under penalty of immediate arrest and jail. 

This January, the B.C. appeal court ruled that the father had not committed family violence and mitigated the previous rulings by supplanting them with conduct orders, which also directed the father to refer to his daughter by her preferred male name and with male pronouns, and not to speak to any media. 

These orders are set to expire April 15, 2020. However, the publication ban will remain in force.

Thompson admitted it was a “shock” that the judge referred the case to the attorney general, but said she’s ready for whatever happens.

“I feel that there is a call from the Lord on my life, to sound the trumpet and sound the alarm on what they are doing,” she told LifeSiteNews. 

“If I ever had to go to jail, I can’t think of a more perfect reason than this. Are we going to be silent in the face of our nation sterilizing and mutilating teenagers? I will not be silent. We will not bow.”

Vancouver trans activist Jenn Smith, who initially broke the story on CD, was also in court this week with Thompson and the father. Smith argued against the publication ban. Tammen allowed him some concessions, but the other side applied for a stay on these, which the judge then granted.

Simpson also brought attention to the case when she interviewed the father last year. But even though she did not publish his name or show his face, the daughter’s lawyers went to court, and the father was slapped with a gag order.

“It’s judicial activism, weaponizing the court to achieve a political agenda,” Simpson told LifeSiteNews. “The public has lost confidence not only in the rule of law but the administration of justice.”

Moreover, “the court has abdicated its responsibility to the child,” she added. 

“If there’s any case where a child should be able to sue a judge, or three or four, this is it.”