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(LifeSiteNews) — An Alberta physician who witnessed first-hand adverse reactions to the COVID injections said “humanity” can find a better way to combat the virus besides mandating the jabs for all healthcare workers.

“I have a strong conscientious objection to what precedent will be established if healthcare workers concede to this mandate in the current backdrop of the medical-government-industry complex. I strongly believe that humanity can come up with better and more humane solutions than coercing 15 to 20 percent of their fellow human beings into taking an irreversible, novel technology,” wrote an Alberta physician in a September letter to Dr. Verna Yiu, Alberta Health Services (AHS) CEO. “I have weighed the risks and benefits, taking into consideration my personal health history and have decided that this vaccination poses risks and uncertainties with no benefit to me since I have good reason to believe that I am already immune.”

The Alberta doctor who wrote the letter provided LifeSiteNews with a copy of it and asked that it be published. She also asked to remain anonymous for fear of persecution and ridicule. LifeSiteNews has confirmed the identity of the doctor as actively working in Alberta at the time the letter was written. The Alberta physician practices both family medicine and has volunteered many times over the past few months to work COVID shifts at Alberta hospitals when called upon.

She wrote the letter to Yiu in response to a mandate by Alberta’s health authority, Alberta Health Services (AHS), that all doctors, nurses, staff, and contractors must be fully vaccinated by October 31. This mandate will affect thousands of nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers, who all risk losing their jobs in nearly two weeks.

As a result, the Alberta doctor who wrote the letter is now facing the real possibility that she might have to close her practice, which will adversely affect her family life.

“I am writing to you in response to the AHS vaccine mandate decreed through email Aug 31 and the onslaught of division, discrimination, stereotyping, disenfranchisement, despair and desperation I have witnessed,” wrote the doctor. “In a state of shock and panic, a few physicians, nurses, EMS, hospital administrative and environmental service staff quickly united to respectfully voice opposition to the blanket mandate.”

As a result of the mandate, the Alberta doctor helped form the group Health Professionals United. It is made up of thousands of healthcare workers in the province, including over 200 doctors, who have vowed to fight government COVID-19 injection mandates. The group has also raised the alarm over adverse injection reactions witnessed firsthand.

The Alberta doctor wrote that she has seen “the division and despair that have ensued” from the jab mandates.

“Realizing the economic consequences that my family and I are about to face as I still pay off student debt, I will have to let go of my children’s nanny and the heartache for what that means for her family back home, knowing that I am the heart and lifeline to my family and many friends, seeing the worry in my parents and children’s faces as they stand witness to my life and courage crumbling,” wrote the doctor. “I cannot imagine that Dr. Verna Yiu and management in AHS is justified in turning their backs on 10-15% of their own, with such callous disregard.”

It’s now widely known that people who have taken the experimental COVID-19 jabs can still contract and spread the disease. COVID vaccine trials have never produced evidence that vaccines stop infection or transmission. They do not even claim to reduce hospitalization, but the measurement of success is in preventing severe symptoms of COVID-19.
Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D, an eminent internist and cardiologist from the U.S, recently affirmed that against COVID-19, “[For] people under 50 who fundamentally have no health risks, there’s no scientific rationale for them to ever become vaccinated.”

He also said that those who develop COVID have “complete and durable immunity. And (that’s) a very important principle: complete and durable. You can’t beat natural immunity.”

Alberta doctor details COVID jab reactions

According to the Alberta doctor’s letter, she was perplexed at how busy things were on her shifts soon after the COVID jabs were rolled out.

“I only had two patients affected by Covid in long-term care before the vaccine was available. One died and the other remained largely asymptomatic,” wrote the Alberta physician.

“Once the vaccine rolled out to the community, I had one high functioning 87-year-old male contract COVID within the first few weeks of his first dose. Fortunately, he did very well without needing medical attention. Through the third wave, I had another high functioning 95 year old also contract covid within a few weeks of his first vaccination. He, unfortunately, died with severe COVID pneumonia.”

The doctor said that from January 1 to July of 2021, she was “baffled by how busy the hospital and my clinic was.”

“It seemed to me that many elderly people were admitted and some died with various acute and serious illnesses aside from COVID,” wrote the doctor. “There were many heart attacks and strokes. There were a handful of cases of sudden onset severe autoimmune disease, including rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s colitis, and dermatomyositis. All of the strange or remarkable cases were in patients vaccinated in the previous 3 months. Several of my patients in my clinic remarked unsolicited, that their autoimmune disease worsened dramatically on receipt of their vaccinations.”

The doctor continued, detailing how she has seen cases of “severe paresthesias that do not make sense neuroanatomically.”

“I saw several cases of shingles, one requiring hospital admission. Most recently, a family told me at hospital, that their 95-year-old mother was high functioning, after years of not needing urgent medical attention, she ended up in the hospital twice with sepsis after her first two doses, she recovered well but then since her third booster in mid-September, the whole family witnessed a rapid decline resulting in her dying with severe aspiration pneumonia and kidney failure,” wrote the doctor. “Amongst my family, friends and patients, I can honestly say that I know of more people who had onset of new, significant medical issues or some that died soon after vaccination than I know of people who had moderate or severe COVID.”

According to the doctor, she has had many conversations with “nurses and some physicians,” and said their experiences “mirror” hers.

“There is a lot of sickness out there and we worry that many events temporally related to vaccination are not being reported. If the data is not being collected, then we can never accurately assess safety outside of the controlled trials that only enlisted largely healthy people. We will not be able to provide an accurate up to date risk/benefit analysis especially as we are now mandating the vaccine for children to participate in sports,” wrote the doctor.

She is concerned about “large-scale lack of recognition and underreporting of temporally related adverse events,” as well as “the censorship and intimidation of healthcare workers who see the situation slightly differently and who see cause for alarm.”

“I am concerned about the suppression of the voices of highly credentialed physicians and scientists around the world who are asking for caution. I am concerned about the silencing, dismissing, and ridiculing of patients in person and online, who have experienced significant health decline soon after their vaccinations” wrote the doctor. “I am concerned that everything I was taught about medical culture and systems ensuring Patient Centered Care and Patient Safety is being disregarded. I am concerned that a profession that once welcomed robust debate and encouraged individuals who gave a voice to minorities and the oppressed, is now behaving in a frightening, dictatorial manner, ruthlessly attacking their own for not toeing the party line.”

In her letter, she included instances of health professionals who have genuine concerns around the COVID shots, and who are now being unfairly labeled as “anti-vaxxers” for simply questioning the safety of the shots.

“It is not anti-scientific to question established beliefs. It is in fact central to science itself. Science is a Process, not a Position or Belief System. Innovative science and solutions happen only when scientists feel free to ask new questions and build new theories, and when they are afforded the safety to be wrong,” wrote the doctor. “AHS while claiming to speak in the name of science and reason, has showed dogmatic denial of inconvenient truths, they’ve displayed ignorance and prejudice and incited hatred and discrimination towards physicians and other healthcare workers like me. Instead of bullying and threatening dissenters, I call on AHS to produce the facts and reference the science.”

Life-changing reaction to Hep B vaccine changed doctors views

The Alberta doctor wrote that she suffered “a serious, prolonged adverse effect” from a Hepatitis B vaccination, which took her ten years to recover.

It was this reaction, wrote the doctor, that was a “life-altering experience” that biased her “being and my medical practice.”

“I reflect on my past and believe it is a miracle that I was not only able to complete my undergrad and medical studies in the condition I was in, but that I excelled in my academics. I am profoundly grateful that my health was eventually restored. That life-altering experience biased my being and my medical practice,” wrote the doctor. “Having been harmed by a vaccine that has been in use for at least a couple of decades, I naturally was apprehensive and paid very close attention to the studies commencing for Covid- 19 vaccines. I was concerned about the lack of success and disastrous outcomes of previous coronavirus vaccines attempted over the past 20 years and the real risk of antibody-dependent enhancement. Being a cautious person and practitioner, the idea of using mRNA gene technology for mass vaccination, with very little data on real-world efficacy, safety, longevity and durability was disconcerting.”

The Alberta doctor said she is a “medical minimalist” who believes in preventative medicine with a “great reverence for the phenomenally intricate and interconnected systems that comprise the human body.”

“I use medications cautiously and humbly after I explain to my patients the indications, the benefits, the known trade-offs, potential harms and the uncertainties. I have had great success in helping improve the health of my patients and their families. It is time-consuming and challenging, yet it has been deeply rewarding,” wrote the doctor.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney introduced a vaccine passport system on September 20 which businesses can choose to opt into. If a business opts out, they must either close to in-person service (restaurants) or reduce capacity.

LifeSiteNews has put together a resource guide called “How to resist COVID jab mandates in Canada — a comprehensive guide.”

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