OTTAWA, Nov 29 ( – The current edition of the Medical Post contains the results of its eighth annual survey of Canadian doctors showing that 59% of doctors say late-term (partial-  birth) abortion “are permissible only if sustaining the pregnancy will cause the mother’s death.” 

However the survey also notes that 79% agree that partial birth abortion should only be allowed when the child is “found to have a life-threatening and incurable condition resulting in early death.” The Medical Post notes that “53% also believe late-stage abortions are permissible if the unborn child is diagnosed with an incurable disease that would still allow a considerable lifespan.” 

While only 5% of doctors oppose partial-birth abortion for any reason, 40% felt it should be permitted “for any undesirable genetic or medical condition.” 

A full 19% of the doctors also support full human cloning. 

This year’s sample consisted of 200 randomly selected physicians polled by telephone this fall. 

With files from Pro-Life E-News.