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ONTARIO, Canada, October 2, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian doctor critical of the COVID-19 lockdowns in her province says she is now making “a conscious effort” not to click on the “media’s  dangerous” headlines and “highly recommends” that, like her, people cancel their cable subscription.

“I’ve cancelled my cable subscription & am now making a conscious effort to no longer click on media’s dangerous fear-mongering headlines or share such coverage. Highly recommended. One of the best things you can do right now to protect your & your family’s mental/physical health,” wrote Ontario doctor Kulvinder Gill a September 29 tweet.

In a follow-up message, Gill went on to say the “next phase” of freedom from the media’s “dangerous fear-mongering” is to rid oneself of social media apps on mobile devices.

“Next phase of freeing yourself from media’s dangerous fear-mongering: remove news apps from mobile devices, turn off push notifications on mobile devices & unfollow/unlike media on social media platforms. Now you’re in control & free to actively seek trusted content on your terms,” Gill wrote on Twitter.   

Gill is president and co-founder of Concerned Ontario Doctors. She has been a critical opponent of the COVID-19-imposed lockdown measures and the need for a vaccine. 

She recently said that “smears against Hydroxychloroquine” as an effective treatment for COVID-19 need to stop. Gill has also been attacked for saying on social media that a COVID-19 vaccine is not necessary and that extended lockdowns do not accomplish anything. 

Reaction to Gill’s message about getting rid of cable TV was mostly positive, with many praising her decision to do so.

“Turn off CNN, MSNBC,ABC, CBS and even FOX, etc! You will soon start to feel better!” wrote Twitter user @whatsrootcause in reply to Gill’s tweet.

“Husbands a doc as well, we have cancelled ours. Rather get accurate news from a knowledgeable source. Thank you for being a voice of reason,” wrote Twitter user @o_z7777.

Gill has been critical of premier of Ontario Doug Ford’s lockdown measures, calling them “catastrophic” and “unethical,” and has praised Sweden’s non-extreme lockdown approach to dealing with the coronavirus instead.

“Media & politicians driving wrong debate. It’s not whether govts should impose more lockdowns/restrictions. Actual debate: current govt lockdowns & draconian restrictions are catastrophic, unethical, unscientific, unconstitutional. It’s time to follow (Sweden) & return to our old normal,” wrote Gill on Twitter yesterday.

In an opinion piece by William Sullivan posted on LifeSiteNews, Sullivan explains his opinion that Sweden did the right thing by not imposing strict coronavirus lockdown procedures.

On September 26, Gill praised Sweden’s approach to dealing with the coronavirus, saying it is the “western world” that has “abandoned” evidence-based “scientific policies.”

“In case it’s confusing, it is not Sweden that is an ‘experiment’. It is the rest of the western world that has abandoned long-established, evidence-based scientific policies & has been experimenting w/catastrophic lockdowns/restrictions at the cost of human lives & mass suffering,” wrote Gill on Twitter.

In mid-September, Ford imposed “severe fines,” which he said were the “highest in Canada,” for those who break physical distancing health rules put in place due to the coronavirus.

Ford instituted a province-wide reduction in gathering limit size, allowing for only 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors, down from 50 inside and 100 outside.

The change was made after an apparent rise in coronavirus cases, despite the fact, according to federal public health agency data, that Canada’s death rate from the coronavirus has been extremely low.

Recently, Canada reported zero deaths attributed to the coronavirus in a 24-hour period for the first time in six months.

Gill has also re-tweeted several messages from Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier, who has called out Ford’s coronavirus lockdown measures.

Hillier recently blasted Ford in an email he sent out to his constituents, saying continued restrictions bring about increased suicides, increased government overreach, loss of freedom, loss of the rule of law, and a “false sense of security.”

Gill has also called upon the legal community to stand up and fight “unscientific & unconstitutional laws causing harm.”

“When will we see leadership from the legal community? When will we start seeing small businesses and citizens initiate class action lawsuits against mayors and city councils abusing their power & imposing unethical, catastrophic, unscientific & unconstitutional laws causing harm?” wrote Gill on Twitter.

The mainstream media’s integrity of providing balanced news was recently called into question by U.S. attorney general Bill Barr, who accused them “of being “basically a collection of liars” concerning their coverage of the violent protests after the death of George Floyd.