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WINNIPEG, Manitoba  (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian doctor was censured by his provincial physicians’ college for prescribing ivermectin, not wearing a mask, and for speaking his mind regarding the COVID vaccines and lockdowns contrary to the official injection narrative.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) noted in a June 29 statement that Dr. Wilhelmus Petrus Grobler, who practices family medicine in Winnipeg, could face further discipline from the college for his treatment of two  patients.

According to the CPSM, “In the first case, which occurred between June and September 2021, Dr. Grobler failed to meet the standard of care in his assessment and management of a patient’s medical condition in that he provided treatment for myocarditis in the absence of sufficient evidence to support that diagnosis.”

According to the CPSM, after “Patient X had received their first COVID-19 vaccination, the following day “they reported to a rural emergency room with new onset mild chest pain and tightness, shortness of breath, and general flu-like symptoms.”

Grobler then, said the CPSM, “prescribed ivermectin to the patient when he knew or ought to have known it was neither evidence-informed nor in the patient’s best interest.”

This discipline against Grobler came despite the fact the CPSM “standards on the use of ivermectin” did not come out until September 3, 2021, which is after he prescribed the medication.

The CPSM said the “Committee accepts that to consider the possibility of post-vaccine myocarditis was prudent and that Dr. Grobler did an appropriate physical examination and ordered applicable tests.”

As for the second case, the CPSM claimed that Grobler “allowed one of the patient’s parents to remove their mask during the encounter without a valid reason at a time when mask-wearing was mandated.”

Additionally, the CPSM’s statement claimed that Grobler gave information during a meeting with the patient’s parents that “conveyed information to the patient and their parents about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines that was contrary to Public Health recommendations, professional standards and expectations, and could pose a potential risk to personal and public safety.”

According to the CPSM, during the encounter with the parents, one of them supported the COVID shots and the other did not.

The CPSM said, “During the encounter, Dr. Grobler discussed a list of questions prepared by one parent about the safety of the vaccine in the presence of the child.”

The CPSM claimed that Grobler’s “information was not only contrary to public health recommendations but contributed to the spread of misinformation about the vaccine.”

While Grobler’s medical license has not been revoked, a censure, which is formal means of discipline, can be used to take additional action against the doctor should the CPSM decide to do so in the future.

Grobler was also ordered to pay $6,165.00 for the cost of the CPSM investigation.

LifeSiteNews reached out to Grobler’s office but was told “Dr. Grobler isn’t conducting interviews.”

Doctor was made to sign ‘undertaking’ saying he would not give his own views on jabs 

In October 2020, Grobler was asked to “sign a voluntary undertaking” stating that “he would not disseminate information to his patients or the public regarding COVID-19 that does not align with current public health directives.”

As of now, this undertaking remains in force.

In October 2020, Grobler wrote that the “virus causing COVID-19 is a Cold Virus and causes cold symptoms for the vast majority of people infected between the ages of 0-80.”

“It is not more lethal or carry excess morbidity over any other cold or flu virus, for this age group.”

He then said that it was only a matter of time before all “people” get “the virus and form natural immunity, even if immunized with the mRNA (COVID-19) vaccine which ‘protects’ only for three months, because we are dealing with a NOVEL virus.”

Grobler was also outspoken against the extreme COVID lockdowns in Manitoba, which was one of the first provinces to enact a local vaccine passport system in 2021 that was first put in place in late July 2021.

The rules banned the unvaccinated from accessing sports venues, museums, restaurants, or any other place that mandates proof of a shot to enter.

Just before Christmas, the government put in place rules that restricted church attendance based on the congregation’s COVID vaccine status.

The government of Manitoba until March mandated the COVID vaccine for healthcare workers.

A group of 16 healthcare workers placed on unpaid leave after choosing to not get the COVID jabs in Manitoba are suing their provincial government and local health regions.

Grobler not the only doctor in Canada who has been reprimanded for prescribing Ivermectin

Dr. Daniel Nagase was one of the first in Alberta — and Canada — to openly speak of the benefits of treating COVID with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and a regimen of Vitamins C and D.

His testimony of how he treated three people in a rural Alberta hospital with the taboo drugs went viral. Despite the fact all three of his patients made a swift recovery, Nagase nonetheless was banned from practicing medicine in Alberta hospitals.

Several studieshave shown that ivermectin, a widely-used generic drug with virtually no risk of serious side effects, can be effective against COVID-19.

Regulators and drug makers have nevertheless aggressively suppressed the medication, but various leading experts like Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, and Dr. Robert Malone, as well as the 12,700 doctors and scientists who signed the Rome Declaration, have endorsed it as a COVID treatment.

Like many drugs, ivermectin has multiple applications, and while one of them is for animals, its use for treating human ailments is well established and was not controversial until the drug was mentioned in the context of COVID-19.

The COVID vaccines have been associated with the inflammatory heart condition myocarditis and the neurologically disabling Guillain Barré Syndrome.

Even the CDC has admitted a “likely association” of “mild” heart inflammation in the young after getting the COVID shots.

The COVID-19 injections approved for emergency use in Canada, and which are still in an experimental trial phase, including the Pfizer vaccine for ages 12 and up, all have connections to cells derived from aborted babies.

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