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(LifeSiteNews) – When Canadian Dr. Patrick Phillips started to see patients “being harmed” by mainstream COVID wisdom, including lockdowns and treatment options, “things started to irk my conscience.”

Phillips is an emergency physician in Englehart, Ontario, and has been an advocate for early treatments in treating patients diagnosed with COVID-19. He spoke with LifeSiteNews about the trials and challenges he now faces after deciding to go public with his views.

When the lockdowns began, he initially believed that Ontario was doing the right thing. Uncertainty about what to expect had him worried about how severe the virus could be, thus he thought caution was warranted. It wasn’t until the fall that he began to see that the government was doing more harm than good to the residents of Ontario.

“I didn’t really think that much of it,” he said. “But when I started to see patients being harmed, that’s when things started to irk my conscience.”

Being a small-town physician, Phillips is accustomed to seeing a variety of ailments come through the emergency room that in larger municipalities would most likely go through a family doctor or a specialist. When the first round of lockdowns began to let up in the summer and early fall, he began to see a host of alarming illnesses that made him think twice about the public health measures that had been implemented.

“Seeing a lot of people who missed their cancer screenings or hadn’t been seen by their family doctor … They said it’s too dangerous to go in and see your doctor. So you have to see them over the phone. And so there’s been a lot of misdiagnosis. Some of that is because of telemedicine. Some of it’s honestly just from patients being too afraid because they ramped up the fear, saying, ‘Don’t go to the hospital, don’t go see your doctor because it’s too dangerous, you’ll catch a cold.’ So seeing those patients being harmed that way really started to bother me.”

In addition to the physical ailments that plagued his patients as a result of lockdown measures, Phillips was deeply affected by the suicidal ideation that plagued children who would come through his department: “And then the other part was the suicidal children during the worst of the lockdown, children being locked up at home with no friends, no school. And I’d never seen so many who had either attempted suicide or were thinking of it and had to be brought in, and I knew that wasn’t normal. It’s pretty rare to see suicidal kids and I knew that I needed to say something.”

Phillips also took issue with the fact that the established medical associations that are supposed to represent the opinions of doctors were spreading messaging to the public that he and other doctors did not support. He expressed his frustration that the public was hearing from the mainstream press that all doctors were on board with what was happening, which was not true. Phillips and others were not in agreement with the restrictions that were harming their patients.

Despite the pressure he is under at the moment, Dr. Phillips stated that there are numerous doctors from around the country that meet frequently on Zoom in order to support each other. In fact, Phillips believes that there is a shift taking place in Canadian medicine. He believes that the reliance of most people on interventions only after they are sick has been a mistake, and that doctors who care deeply for their patients are willing to explore what are considered “fringe” treatments, whether they be natural or otherwise.

“I think they’ve created a very sick society that’s dependent on the health care system, and it’s very profitable for quite a few companies and doctors and governments who profit off the power that they have that they gain from it.”

Although the situation seems grim to many, Dr. Phillips believes that the pressure put on good doctors is pushing people to wake up to the corruption and misguided approach of the health system. He acknowledged that it looks as if we are living through a “mass psychosis” and that the intent of the powers that be seems to have been to “indoctrinate” people into a “cult” that is only focussed on COVID.

Proponents of the status quo in the health system are “losing the trust of the public. They’re losing the trust of anybody who believes in medical ethics or genuine science. And so I think we’re going to see a lot of these start to crumble and we’re going to witness like a new creation of a new kind of order and a new kind of parallel system in society that will put the power back into patients’ hands to allow freedom and to promote genuine health that’s not corrupted … through these organizations.”

One of the things Phillips has done is promote early treatments for COVID, like high doses of vitamin D and ivermectin. He said that in the beginning he paid attention to the role Vitamin D played in the patients who became ill, since it was a time-honored treatment that has always been used respiratory illnesses. At the beginning of the COVID crisis, he thought to himself: “Why aren’t we just telling people to take Vitamin D? … That’s why flu goes down in the summer, like there’s less colds in the summer. Cold and flu season is in the fall and winter went by people’s Vitamin D levels lower.”

Eventually he discovered that ivermectin was proving to be a strong tool for doctors around the world with patients diagnosed with COVID. He said: “It’s been used billions of times around the world. It’s won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for curing diseases, but it’s been shown to be highly effective against viruses and it’s very safe. It’s over-the-counter, like I said, in a lot of countries. So I think it’s the best one.”

He added that one of the reasons he thinks ivermectin is being suppressed is because it is not profitable. “They’re all repurposed drugs, they’re all off patent. And so they can’t be honed in on to produce profit for these companies.”

Like many other doctors, Dr. Phillips trusts the growing evidence that ivermectin is a safe and effective way to treat a coronavirus infection: “We have randomized controlled trials showing that these are effective and meta-analysis of 40 trials in the case of ivermectin. So we have robust evidence that these are these are effective treatments.”

Dr. Phillips also mentioned that doctors everywhere have seemingly forgotten about naturally acquired immunity. Regarding immunity from vaccines compared to natural immunity, he added: “… vaccine immunity is just to the tip of it, just the spike protein. Whereas when you catch the whole virus, you become immune to multiple proteins throughout the whole virus.”