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July 21, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian doctor claims he has seen blood clotting in the majority of his patients who have had COVID-19 jabs and has issued a “grim” outlook that the worst is “yet to come” due to potential “permanent” damage caused by the injections.  

“And so, I'm still trying to accumulate more information. But on the ones I have so far, 62 percent of them have evidence of clotting, which means that these blood clots are not rare. It means that the majority of people are getting blood clots that they have no idea that they're even having,” said Dr. Charles Hoffe of Lytton, British Columbia, in an interview with Vancouver-based Christian broadcaster Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson last week.   

“So, Laura-Lynn, the most alarming thing about this is that there are some parts of your body, like your heart and your brain and spinal cord and lungs, which cannot regenerate. When those tissues are damaged by blood vessels, they are permanently damaged.”  

Hoffe’s remarks are not his first concerning COVID-19 injections.  

In April, he was punished by his local health authority because he raised concerns about the side effects he observed in some of those who had received the Moderna COVID-19 jab within his community. 

Hoffe said he was barred from working in the local ER after his local health authority “suspended” his clinical privileges “for the crime of causing ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ for speaking out about my vaccine injured patients.” 

Hoffe told Tyler Thompson that in a single dose of one COVID-19 jab (Moderna) there are “40 trillion messenger RNA molecules” and that only 25 percent of the jab stays at the injection site.  

The rest of the COVID-19 injection, said Hoffe, goes on to “circulate through the bloodstream, and end up in the tiny capillary vessels,” whereby one’s body “then gets to work reading these genes and manufacturing trillions and trillions of COVID spike proteins.” 

Hoffe said the spike proteins that one’s body begins to manufacture are in the “trillions,” and become part of one’s “vascular endothelium.”  

This is where issues come up, according to Hoffe. He said the cells that line one’s blood vessels are “supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly.” 

“Now we have these little spiky bits sticking out. So it is absolutely inevitable that blood clots will form because your blood platelets circulate around in your vessels,” said Hoffe. 

Hoffe explained that the clots are “microscopic.”  

“These are tiny, literally on a capillary level, and they are scattered throughout your capillary network. So they are not going to show on any scan, they are just too small and too scattered,” said Hoffe. 

The ‘worst is yet to come,’ warns Doctor  

Hoffe gave a dire warning, saying that the “mechanism of injury” from the COVID-19 shots is “causing permanent damage” to organs that cannot regenerate and that “the worst is yet to come.” 

“Because, you know, there are some tissues in your body like intestine and liver and kidneys that can regenerate to quite a good degree. But brain and spinal cord and heart, muscle and lungs do not. When they're damaged, it's permanent,” said Hoffe. 

“Like all these young people who are now getting myocarditis from these shots, they have permanently damaged hearts. It doesn't matter how mild it is, they will not be able to do what they used to be able to do because heart muscle does not regenerate. So this is the terrifying concern.” 

He then said the long-term outlook is “very grim.” 

“With each successive shot, the damage will add and add. And it's going to be cumulative because you're progressively getting more and more damaged capillaries,” said Hoffe. 

Hoffe said the only predictable way to “find out for sure” if the clots are there is to do what is called a blood D-Dimer test, which he says he has been doing on his patients.  

“And so, the D-Dimer is a blood test that shows a recent blood clot. It doesn't show anything else other than a recent blood clot. And it won’t show an old blood clot, it only shows new blood clots. And so, I have been doing that on my patients, finding people who have recently had their COVID shot within the previous seven days, to needs to be between four and seven days and doing a blood test on them called a D dimer,” said Hoffe. 

Hoffe said that in his practice, he has seen six people who showed reduced lung capacity, meaning “that they just get out of breath much more easily than they used to.” 

“I have one fellow that used to walk to my office every week for actually for an arthritis injection who told me that he could walk two miles without any problem. And now after a quarter of a mile, he is absolutely out of breath. And it has been like that for five months,” said Hoffe. 

Hoffe noted that what has happened to his six patients is that the clots have plugged up “thousands of tiny capillaries in their lungs.” 

“And the terrifying thing about this is not just that these people are not short of breath and can't do what they used to be able to do. But once you block off a significant number of blood vessels through your lungs, your heart is now pumping at a much greater resistance to try and get the blood through your lungs. And the problem, so that causes a condition called pulmonary artery hypertension, like high blood pressure in your lungs,” said Hoffe. 

“And that the terrifying thing of this is that people with pulmonary artery hypertension usually die of right-sided heart failure within three years.” 

Just recently, Hoffe was one of 10 doctors who spoke in a video calling for an end to “ethically unjustifiable” COVID-19 lockdowns. The video was published by Professionals Against Lockdowns, which was created by Liberty Coalition Canada. 

Health Canada has authorized four COVID-19 injections for adults, all of which are connected to abortion. All of them have also been associated with severe side effects such as blood clots, rashes, miscarriages, and even heart attacks in young healthy men. 

After announcing last year that vaccine makers would be shielded from liability regarding COVID-19 jab-related injuries, the Canadian federal government launched the nation’s first-ever program designed to financially compensate those who have suffered adverse side effects from any type of vaccine, the Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP).  

According to official Canadian government statistics, as of July 16, there have been a total of 9,615 COVID-19 “vaccine-related” adverse “events” since the first shots were given in late 2020, of which 2,222 were deemed serious. In Canada, 41,526,682 COVID-19 jabs have been administered.