Article Excerpts

Rick Mercer in Jan 7 National Post Election Panel
  Harper has run an impeccable campaign. He should be commended both on his ability to connect with the Canadian people and his ability to keep 307 Conservative candidates completely silent on any and all issues. I did a Google news search on “Stephen Harper” and “stem cell research” and got zero hits.

Ex-Tory Firebrand Elsie Wayne Back in Political Arena Defending Marriage
  Wayne, 73, has been recruited by Vote Marriage Canada, a lobby group that is waging a national campaign to revisit the same-sex marriage issue in a bid to restore the traditional definition of marriage. “Look at the future for our young people, for heaven’s sake. What kind of message are we sending to them? It’s no wonder (U.S. President) George Bush doesn’t want to do business with Canada anymore. I don’t blame him. At least he has moral standards.”

Ring Incident Haunts Svend
  Svend Robinson’s past troubles with the law are derailing his bid to become MP for Vancouver Centre, a new poll suggests.

Martin’s Fatal Gaffe – Toronto Sun’s Peter Worthington
  Contrary to expectations, it was Paul Martin, not Stephen Harper, who committed what will likely be a fatal gaffe in this election campaign. It can be argued that by promising to get rid of the “notwithstanding clause” in the Constitution if re-elected, Martin guaranteed that the Liberals will lose the Jan. 23 vote.

Tories Head for Majority; Poll Shows `breakthrough’ For Party

Liberal-Crushing Poll Will Backfire – Lorne Gunter
  Much has been made today of the fact that the Toronto Star and EKOS Research Associates withheld until after Monday’s debates a stunning poll showing the Conservatives surging well ahead of the Liberals.There are a number of reasons I doubt these numbers and the results they predict. They’re from EKOS, for one, and I have never cared for that firm’s methods or its closeness to the current government. And for another, the number of undecideds remains high, almost 17%

Tories Rebuilding Old Coalition, Pollster Says
  The Conservatives seem to be rebuilding the coalition that put them in power during the 1980s, says an analyst. “It’s becoming a little more francophone and a lot more high-income,” Tim Woolstencroft of The Strategic Counsel told on Monday.