Conservatives hold on to lead 36% to Liberals 29%, NDP 19%

Harper Will Do Nothing For Social Conservatives – Montreal Gazette Editorial
  …a fair-minded observer can see that Harper has little enthusiasm for rolling back the socially liberal status quo. On abortion, the party and leader have promised to change nothing. On same-sex marriage, his position is frankly preposterous, but you can almost see him wink as he advances it: a free vote on the definition of marriage, but no use of the notwithstanding clause, and existing same-sex marriages would never be annulled. It’s not easy to imagine such a free vote leading to a new law, even if Harper had a majority. In any case, by far his best way out of this morass would be to drop the issue.

Tory Rona Ambrose: Harper Won’t Limit ‘Right to Choose’
  Stephen Harper has said on many different occasions that there will be no legislation to regulate abortion under his watch. Attempts by Paul Martin to scare women on this issue are shameful.
  I am truly troubled and disappointed in Paul Martin’s fear mongering on women’s rights – because women’s rights is a very important issue to me.

‘Only Same-Sex Marriage Seems to be a Consistent Problem for the Liberals’
  Among the national issues, only same-sex marriage seems to be a consistent problem for the Liberals. People “are very unhappy with the Liberals about that,” says Latafat Ali Siddiqui, editor in chief of Canadian Asian News, a monthly that serves people from Pakistan and India.“We have extensive coverage of same-sex marriage,” says Tak Lam, news editor of the Chinese daily Ming Pao. “Asians don’t feel so comfortable with that.”

Harper an ‘Anti-Abortion Extremist’: Martin;_ylt=AgFl5G9AC1Z9tPstvMB4xvxp9L4F;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHVqMTQ4BHNlYwN5bnN1YmNhdA

The Only Acceptable Prejudice
  I’m telling you this by way of showing I’ve no personal axe to grind over the controversy about Conservative candidate David Sweet’s connection to an evangelical Christian men’s group, at least none other than my strong feelings against intolerance. Sadly, it comes as no surprise Sweet has been targeted for his religious background each time he’s stood as the federal Tory candidate in the riding of Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale. That’s because about the only socially acceptable form of intolerance in our culture these days is against faith organizations, particularly conservative Christian ones that don’t enjoy the progressive hands-off approach extended to minority groups. But what gets me is that so often those who are intent on demonizing people because of their religious affiliations are guilty of the very prejudices they claim to despise in others.

Paul Martin warns scary right-wing Albertans will be running the show.

The Tories Likely to Win a Strong Minority
  n fact, says Bricker, the election was actually decided two weeks ago when the Tories took a big 10 point lead and never looked back. And unlike other pollsters who claim the race is tightening, Bricker’s numbers indicate the Tories have maintained their lead for the last two weeks. It hasn’t wavered a bit. The turning point? It was the tragic shooting in downtown Toronto on the Boxing Day weekend.