TORONTO, January 18, 2006 ( – In its January 2006 Newsletter, the Canadian national pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition offers the following suggestions to pro-life voters on voting strategies for different scenarios that may exist in their riding. CLC organizers state they usually receive many requests for such direction every election:

A. There is one pro-life candidate who is representing one of the major parties:

Perhaps you don’t like the party, but the candidate is the incumbent who has voted pro-life and pro-family or the candidate has responded pro-life and pro-traditional marriage to the CLC questionnaire. Please vote for this pro-life candidate.

B. All the major party candidates are anti-life and anti-family, but there is a Christian Heritage Party candidate or someone running as an independent candidate:

If there is a CHP candidate or a pro-life independent candidate, vote for the CHP candidate or the pro-life independent candidate.

C. There is no pro-life candidate:

Write in blue ballpoint pen across the ballot ‘no pro-life candidate’ or ‘no pro-life Liberal/Conservative’. When the ballots are being counted, the inside scrutineers for each party’s candidate see the ballots and reflect on how many votes were lost by their party because the candidate did not reflect the values of those voters. The message is loud and clear to the party, relayed by its scrutineers.

D. There is no pro-life candidate but there is one who supports marriage:
  Some voters will cast their vote for this candidate because they believe it is better to try to re-open the marriage debate with a view to restoring marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

E. All candidates are pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia and pro-same sex marriage:

Some voters will vote to defeat the incumbent and will vote to support the candidate with the best chance of accomplishing this. Another strategy may be to defeat a particular party nationally because of the party’s official platform and damage done in the recent past.

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