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Pride month celebration at St. Matthew's elementary school in NewfoundlandTwitter/Screenshot

ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland (LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian elementary school bearing the name of a Catholic saint hosted what some described as a “disgusting” and wild “pride” celebration last week featuring a drag queen, a giant rainbow tunnel, and “pride” flags galore.

The school “pride” event took place last Friday at St. Matthew’s elementary school in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The kindergarten to grade seven school is part of the Newfoundland & Labrador English School District.

Video of the “pride” event was widely shared on Twitter, notably by user Colin Barry, whose bio says he is a grade five teacher at the school. The videos and photos posted by Barry show among other things kids running through a rainbow tunnel, a drag queen performing an act, and school staff happily waving “pride” flags.

Many social media users blasted the school for having the event and the fact that a full-on drag queen was performing before kids.

“This is DISGUSTING… It’s perverse to push this on children… You should be arrested and tried for Endangering the welfare of minors as well as Contributing to the delinquency of minors. I hope the Parents of those children sue the CRAP out of you, the school and anyone else who pushed this,” tweeted user @BarbReilly7 about the event.

Another Twitter user lamented how many people today simply don’t see an issue with “pride” events targeting kids.

“Sadly, most of those parents are either out of touch, or they need to feel ‘accepted’ and go along w/it. I went to Catholic schools. I’m bewildered how many of my alumni are all about this nonsense w/their kids/grandkids,” tweeted user @imbluesparrow.

Another, who says he is a “gay man,” blasted the school for hosting the event.

“Hi. Gay man here. This isn’t for kids. You’re doing more harm to gay men and women than good,” tweeted user @kopopoulous.

The backlash was so great that the school’s official Twitter account was shut down to only show tweets to “approved” followers.

Other school staff members posted photos of the event as well.

Catholic schools were done away with in Newfoundland in 1997 after voters decided to create a non-denominational system. However, many schools such as St. Matthew’s still carry their old school names.

The LGBT lobby has pushed hard in recent years to mark June as “pride month.” In many parts of Canada and the United States, “pride month” is on full display with the full backing of many corporations, governments, and influential people.

The push for the normalcy of the transgender/LGBT agenda has also been observed in other Canadian schools.

Recently, a leaked internal email from the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board in Ontario shows the school board is actively encouraging its staff and teachers to not only go all out celebrating “pride” month but work to help conceal students who are “trans” from their parents.

However, as LifeSiteNews columnist Jonathon Van Maren pointed out in a recent blog, the many politicians, companies, and people who use the month to push an agenda are doing so to “grift” Canadians who do not want to take part in “pride.”

“As we approach a month of public, orgiastic celebration of weird sexual fetishes, Canadian institutions are competing to see who can grovel lowest and flag-wave the hardest,” Van Maren noted.

“Politicians arrive to genuflect to their cultural overlords; corporations send expensive floats to the festivals of nudity and indecency organizers like to call parades; the LGBT flag is hoisted above schools, city halls, and businesses.”

Van Maren wrote that “this strategy is so brazen that it only succeeds due to a potent combination of the cowardice of our politicians and the collaboration of our press.”

There have been some success stories, however, in relation to some Catholic school boards pushing back against “pride month.”

Last week, school trustees from York Catholic District School Board voted 6-4 against flying the “pride flag” at its Catholic Education Centre during June.