By Alex Bush

TORONTO, Ontario, May 26, 2009 ( – Bruce Clemenger, president of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), said in an interview with that the EFC “will be exploring ways in which we can encourage more participation” for the annual March for Life in the future. 

In a recent EFC weekly update Clemenger strongly encouraged Evangelicals to make the trip to Ottawa for this year's March for Life.

Clemenger also said that he was impressed with “the number of youth attending from Catholic schools” and with the “positive and upbeat” attitude of those in attendance “despite the weather.”

“We are gaining momentum, evidenced by the size of the rally, the number of young people, the number of MPs and the encouraging reports about the energy in the pro-life caucus,” Clemenger said.

Clemenger told LSN that his participation “with the leaders of the Catholic Church” struck him personally. This was the first year in the history of the pro-life event that the Canadian bishops put the full weight of their official support behind the march. Nearly a dozen bishops joined the marchers earlier this May.

Clemenger led the opening prayer at the March, saying, “We stand and bear witness to the truth of life. We ask that You would bring us a government that will honour life.  God, our Father, we ask that these killings stop and that together we can foster a Canadian identity built on relationships of healing.” 

He continued, “Give us words of wisdom as we choose life, as we affirm the dignity of all human life, and give us strength as we plea for the protection of unborn children.”

Transcript of Bruce Clemenger's opening prayer at the March For Life 2009, here.

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