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CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) –– A 15-year-old Canadian girl says she is appalled after she saw the penis of a naked man, who now lives as a “transgender woman,” in the women’s changeroom at a public swimming pool in Calgary last month.  

According to a recent report by the Western Standard, the girl said that she was finishing up changing when “a man came in” to the women’s changeroom at the Canyon Meadows Aquatic and Fitness Centre, in Calgary, donning “an arrogant look on his face.”

The girl told the outlet that the man “promptly” undressed himself, and then “walked around in the room naked for some time.” 

The girl said that once she was exposed to the individual’s genitals, she rushed out of the room “as fast as I could.” 

“I felt shaken up and horrified that this was allowed to happen,” said the girl.

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Stand with Josh Alexander against school that allows boys to use girls' bathrooms
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Josh Alexander is facing expulsion for defying the LGBT agenda at St. Joseph's High School! Finish his brave mission now! 

St. Joseph's High School has suspended Josh Alexander — and is now considering his expulsion — for daring to challenge the LGBT "transgender” agenda. 

Josh Alexander refused to sit idly by while deluded young men gained access to the women’s restroom — all by pretending to be women.  

Young women should not be manipulated in this way, and deserve safe bathrooms without young men in them! 

Taking action into his own hands, Josh led a school-wide WALKOUT in open defiance of St. Joseph’s transgender policy — demanding that St. Joseph's High School STOP this immorality. 

This is when the school took action against Josh Alexander and suspended him! 


This attack on truth and blatant rejection of the Catholicism — from a Catholic school — cannot be tolerated. 

People of faith, good will, and common sense must stand up and say — ENOUGH. 

Do not remain silent – your voice is powerful, so make your voice heard!  

SIGN NOW: St. Joseph's Catholic High School must AFFIRM the biological reality that there are only two genders - male and female. 

SIGNING and SHARING this petition will spread the news of Josh Alexander’s inspiring school-wide movement. Help him now before it's too late! 

Josh Alexander may be expelled for fighting against these attacks by himself. 


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The girl’s father, Allan Eisses, said that his kids are homeschooled and were at the public pool for some swim time. 

Telling the story himself, Eisses said that on February 1, a person who was “biologically male entered the women’s change rooms as most of the girls from the lessons were still finishing changing, showering.” 

He said that one of the mother’s present had noticed that the biological male was going into the women’s changeroom, and quickly told those in the room to go into a private stall. 

Eisses said that the “man proceeded to get undressed and walk around the room naked, penis hanging out in full view of all of them.” 

His two oldest daughters, 15 and 13, saw the event unfold. He also said that many other people witnessed the event as well. 

Eisses, who complained about the incident to officials, said that the city councilor’s office, the managers at the pool, and everyone else said there is nothing that they can do, as the biological male, “identifies as a woman,” and therefore has a right to use the women’s changing room. 

This was completely unsatisfactory, of course,” said Eisses. 

Father furious that city, police have yet to take action

Eisses said that both himself and his wife are “furious” that the members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) and the City of Calgary are doing nothing to protect underage girls from being exposed to naked men. 

“My daughters were appalled,” noted Eisses, adding that they felt threatened and “unsafe after it happened.” 

“My wife and I were furious that this man would enter and undress, that the pool would allow it, [and] that the police did nothing about it,” he added. 

According to Eisses, they are mainly upset that the “laws” of “our society” do not appear to “protect the most vulnerable among us, young girls and children.” 

“We are upset that the city facilities are not a safe place for children,” he lamented. 

Calgary Police claim indecent exposure event did not happen

After parents banded together to protest outside the Canyon Meadows Pool last month regarding the indecent exposure event, the CPS issued a statement on March 2, which claimed the incident did not happen. 

“CPS has thoroughly investigated the incident and has determined that these allegations are unfounded.  This incident did not take place as initially reported on social media.  There was no act of indecent exposure,” the service stated. 

In response to the CPS’ claim, Eisses told the Western Standard that the CPS is lying.

“I want people to know the truth, and to set the record straight,” he said. “The CPS has lied directly to the public about what happened.”  

According to Eisses, there were “multiple” reports from eyewitnesses who described the incident in detail.   

“First, the city and police refuse to help us as a man exposes himself to my young girls. And then, they call us liars for reporting it to them and speaking out on social media,” charged the father. 

Eisses then commented on the pervasiveness of gender ideology more broadly, and the consequences its having on his community.

“We are told we are a bunch of angry peasants with pitchforks, hateful, looking for excuses to attack people,” said Eisses. 

“Our leaders have covered themselves in shame. Where can parents go if their elected officials and police officers won’t listen? When our leaders slander those very same concerned citizens for reporting the truth?” 

This is not the first time Calgarians have been up-in-arms over their city’s handling of LGBT-related issues.

Roughly one month ago, Calgary’s left-wing mayor Jyoti Gondek vowed to use the city’s street harassment bylaw to go after those protesting drag queen events marketed to children, after some such events were postponed by objectors.  

This resulted in Christian pastor Derek Reimer being jailed and charged for protesting at a children’s drag queen story time at a public library just over a week ago.  

Reimer was released from jail on bail on Monday but is facing multiple charges. 

Other similar indecent exposure events at public swimming pools have occurred in other parts of Canada. 

In January, parents protested after a gender-confused man used the girls’ changeroom at the Shaw Centre, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

Similar to the response in Calgary, a Saskatoon city councilor claimed that the biological male was allowed to use the women’s changeroom as “gender identity” is a “protected” class in the province. 

Just last month a British Columbia man calling himself “Brigid” said he was planning on filing a human rights complaint after he was denied membership at a female-only gym. 

And in the most infamous case, last fall an Ontario high school shop teacher made international headlines after he donned massive fake breasts in his classroom.