OTTAWA, June 17, 2003 ( – At a news conference today Prime Minister Jean Chretien announced that the Liberal government will not appeal the Ontario homosexual ‘marriage’ ruling.  He told reporters:  “We will not be appealing the recent decision on the definition of marriage. Rather we will be proposing legislation that will protect the right of churches and religious organizations to sanctify marriage as they define it. At same time we’ll ensure that our legislation includes a legally recognized same-sex couple.  As soon as the legislation is drafted it will be referred to the Supreme Court. After that it will be put to a free vote in the House of Commons.”  Chretien said the legislation would be drafted “within weeks.”  When asked about his stance on the issue he insinuated he was progressive but said, “It is religion that is the problem.”  He indicated that he was proud that the legislation would put Canada in the forefront of even European countries on the issue.  Reacting to Chretien’s announcement, homosexual activist, New Democratic Party MP Svend Robinson said: “It’s a great day for Canada . I commend the Prime Minister . I’m delighted.”  See related LifeSite coverage:  Homosexual ‘Marriage’ In Ontario, Canada Worse Than Any Other Country 1000 Protest at Ontario Court House against Homosexual Marriage Ruling Ontario Supreme Court Imposes New Definition Of Marriage As Including Homosexuals