TORONTO, July 27, 2004 ( – Sergio Mercado, of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico has issued a memo ordering all Canadian Immigration Officers to insist on seeing the full monty if a woman wants to come to Canada to work as a stripper. Canadians were informed by their immigration officials in June that there was a severe shortage of professional table and lap ‘exotic’ dancers which would be made up by inviting foreign professionals to come to Canada on special visas. Since then, hundreds of women, mostly from severely economically depressed former Soviet Bloc nations, have come to Canada. “Canadian girls don’t want to pursue this occupation,” Toronto lawyer Mendel Green said. “There is a major shortage of dancers at most clubs.”

The rules are that a prospective stripper-immigrant must provide nude photos of herself doing her ‘act’ in a club to prove her bona fides. The Toronto Sun acquired the internal memo through access to information documents. It says, “Stage photos during performances are required.” The photos must show the woman completely nude. “If they don’t have pictures in the nude, they are not going to wiggle their bottoms in Canada.” Says Mercado. The instructions, are intended to “curb abuse and exploitation of the young women.”

Gillian Long, Director of Research for Campaign Life Coalition commented, “While Canada is importing women to exploit in the table-top sex trade, Poland and Ukraine have agreed to cooperate in fighting prostitution and sex slave trafficking to the West.” According to a recent report by the International Organisation for Migration, more than 100,000 Ukrainian women, many of them minors, have been trapped and enslaved as prostitutes in the west. Said Long, “There are women who come to this country and are forced to work in strip clubs, and even brothels. Why aren’t officials concerned with finding these women and helping them? It would seem a better use of resources.”  Meanwhile immigration officers are boasting that they export only the best in female flesh for Canadian audiences. Canadian visa officers in Russia are looking for ‘headliners,’ women who have been subject of photo spreads after vying for “Miss Nude North America or Miss Nude Europe” contests.  Toronto Sun coverage: