OTTAWA, July 27, 2005 ( – The Liberal Party of Canada may be reconsidering their decision to throw out Carolyn Parrish, the MP for Mississauga who made her career pandering to leftist anti-Americanism. The question remains open as to whether the party is reconsidering having also thrown out the extremism she represents.

On the eve of the US Invasion of Iraq in 2003, Parrish was overheard saying she hated Americans and calling them “bastards.” Then-Prime Minister Jean Chretien had little interest in improving relations with the US and dismissed demands that she be punished, a decision taken as tacit agreement with her sentiments.

After the succession of Paul Martin to power, the party’s position towards the US softened slightly. In August 2004, Parrish again created controversy by referring to those supporting the North American missile defence proposal as “a coalition of the idiots,” at a moment when relations between Canada and the US were perhaps at their most delicate. Even then, Martin declined even to ask her to apologize.

Parrish then appeared in a scene on the CBC’s political television programme, This Hour Has 22 Minutes that showed her stomping on a doll representing President George Bush.

Even this did not elicit a response from the party’s leadership. It was not until she went on to say that she had no loyalty towards the Liberal Party and that if it were defeated in the next election she “would not shed a tear,” that she was finally expelled from the caucus.

Parrish told the Globe and Mail this week that she and the party are considering reconciling. “I am having discussions with some members of the party, but a lot of my colleagues want me back,” she said.

The party has yet to nominate a replacement for her riding of Mississauga. The Globe reports that the Liberals, facing an election next year, do not want to risk Parrish, who is popular in her riding, taking votes away from another Liberal candidate and possibly allowing a Conservative Party win.

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