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Help Jenny Porter recover from her vaccine injury: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian federal government has so far paid out eight death and injury claims due to the COVID jab, with almost 700 claims still under review, according to statistics from the government.

The amount of money received has not been revealed to the public, but the Canadian government set aside 75 million dollars as a preliminary amount to pull from for settlements.

National statistics for jab injuries and deaths are publicly available through the Vaccine Injury Support Program which began accepting claims in June of 2021 as the COVID jabs were being rolled out.

A total of 774 claims have been received by the program. Of the 26 claims fully assessed, 8 have been awarded financial support.

The review process is lengthy, and applicants’ cases go through multiple layers of consultation and assessment before it can be deemed that an applicant did in fact die or was injured from the jab.

The process by which someone is alleged to have died from COVID in Canada is much less precise. According to the college of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, for example: “COVID-19 should be recorded on the medical certificate of cause of death for all decedents where the disease caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death.”

The same college also said that COVID should be listed as a cause if other serious illnesses are present. Regardless of how someone dies, if they test positive for COVID at or around the time of their death, their positive test results are released as part of national and provincial statistics which cause the declared COVID death toll to rise.

The most common test used to determine a supposed COVID infection is the PCR test, which has been shown to vary in accuracy “by the time of day,” and Canadian epidemiologist Dr. Paul Elias Alexander has told LifeSiteNews that PCR tests for COVID can be inaccurate upwards of 95 per cent of the time.

In addition to the jab injury/death claims being reviewed for compensation, almost fifty thousand post-COVID jab adverse events have been reported in Canada.

Help Jenny Porter recover from her vaccine injury: LifeFunder