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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian federal government under pro-abortion Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that people with past abortion and “indecency”-related criminal code convictions before the practices became legal will now be eligible to have their crimes erased in a move blasted by Canada’s top pro-life group as “perverted.”

On Tuesday, Canadian Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino announced that the government has enabled convictions under the Criminal Code for “abortion-related, bawdy house and indecency-based offences to be eligible for expungement.”

In essence, the Trudeau government is expanding what charges will be allowed for expungement under the Expungement of Historically Unjust Convictions Act that became law in June 2018.

News of the Trudeau liberal expansion of the “expungement” laws was immediately blasted by Canada’s top pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), who said “the blood of over four million children killed by abortion calls out from the ground for justice.

“When Canada decriminalized abortion in 1969, it targeted the most vulnerable among us, the preborn child. The historic injustices against this powerless population includes saline burning, decapitation, disembowelment, crushing, and vacuum suction of body parts, all resulting in the most horrific and gruesome of deaths imaginable,” CLC director of communications Pete Baklinski said in an email to LifeSiteNews.

“Instead of addressing this genocide against the preborn as a historic and ongoing injustice, the pro-abortion Liberal government has decided to lift abortion-related convictions from people who deliberately killed defenseless children. This is so sick and wrong. It is a sign of how perverted our society has become.”

Those who want to participate in the “expungement” program must apply and the government says that the program is also open to the deceased.

The government is even allowing “sworn statements/solemn declarations” to be used as “evidence if applicants have demonstrated that court and police records are not available.”

In Canada, abortion was first decriminalized in 1969 under then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Before then, abortion was a crime under the nation’s Criminal Code.

According to the government, “in recognition of this historically unjust criminalization, those convicted of abortion-related offences are now eligible for expungement.”

“This will include the convictions of individuals who sought an abortion and the medical practitioners who, at great personal risk, stood up for the right to choose.”

Mendicino said that the additions of “abortion-related, bawdy house and indecency-based offences to the Expungement of Historically Unjust Convictions Act represent yet another important and necessary step towards righting historical and systemic discrimination faced by many Canadians.”

Pro-life group says ‘expunging’ past abortion crimes will ‘never take away the guilt of the crimes’

Baklinski noted to LifeSiteNews that people who have killed children “for a living” and who were previously charged under “just laws for their offence, especially people like now-deceased abortionists like Dr. Henry Morgentaler,” should be “remembered by future generations for the murderers that they are.”

“Having their criminal record expunged will never take away the guilt of the crimes against humanity that they have committed in killing preborn children,” Baklinski said.

Baklinski told LifeSiteNews that he predicts the “post-Roe generation” is already rising in that it “sees abortion rightly as the killing of the smallest members of the human family who are deserving of human rights.”

“They will rightly condemn historical figures like then-Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau for bringing abortion into Canada,” Baklinski said.

Baklinski told LifeSiteNews that Pierre Trudeau has the “blood of the innocent stains” on his “hands.”

“Yes, justice for the preborn demands that a day comes when abortion will be once more a crime in Canadian law, and the people who facilitate it will be put behind bars for their crimes against humanity. With God’s help, may this day come soon,” Baklinski said.

The Trudeau government has increased its attacks against the pro-life movement in Canada in recent years.

Before Christmas, Trudeau’s pro-abortion government reaffirmed it remains committed to stripping pro-life organizations of their charitable tax status, a move that has been blasted by Canada’s top pro-life group.

Earlier this year, Trudeau affirmed a affirms a woman’s “right to choose” after he was confronted with abortion victim photos.

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 pro-abortion landmark decision Roe v. Wade last summer, Trudeau called the ruling “horrific,” adding that his “heart goes out to the millions of American women who are now set to lose their legal right to an abortion.”

Since the 2021 election, CLC has been working nonstop to rally all Canadians to demand that his government not remove charitable status from pregnancy centers.

In 2016, Trudeau’s Liberals pledged $81.5 million to the United Nations’ Population Fund to pay for abortions and other so-called “sexual and reproductive health services” abroad.

In 2017, on International Women’s Day, Trudeau announced a whopping $650 million international abortion fund to help proliferate the availability of the fatal practice in the “world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.”

In 2020, the Trudeau government’s $159.5 million pledge to help combat the coronavirus in developing countries also included funding for abortion.

Abortion in Canada, unlike in the United States, exists in a legal vacuum since being decriminalized in 1969.

The 1988 Morgentaler decision saw the Supreme Court of Canada throw out the 1969 abortion law on the basis that it was unconstitutional. Since then, there exists no federal law regulating abortion, and thus the practice is permitted through all nine months of pregnancy.

‘Homosexual’ convictions to also be ‘expunged’

In 1969, Canada ‘decriminalized homosexuality via omnibus Bill C-150. Pierre Trudeau in 1967 said about homosexuality being legally allowed, “It’s bringing the laws of the land up to contemporary society I think.”

“Take this thing on homosexuality. I think the view we take here is that there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation. I think that what’s done in private between adults doesn’t concern the Criminal Code.”

Pierre Trudeau did say regarding homosexuality that “When it becomes public, this is a different matter, or when it relates to minors, this is a different matter.”

Under Pierre’s son Justin, Canada has seen the federal government pledge a whopping $100 million in funding last year for LGBT activist groups.

It was also under the Liberal Party that so called “gay marriage” was legalized in Canada in 2005 under then-Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin.

The reality is that today in Canada pastors have been jailed for protesting kids’ drag queen story time, as in the case of Calgary pastor Derek Reimer.

Reimer was released on bail this Monday after being jailed and charged with hate crimes for protesting a children’s drag queen story time at a public library over a week ago, at which he said, “homosexuality is a sin.”

In recent years, there has been a noticeable push in western nations to actively promote gender ideology to young people, particularly in the United States and Canada. A large part of promoting gender ideology is through drag queen story events, which have become prevalent throughout North America.