OTTAWA, Ontario, May 17, 2012 ( – Canada’s federal government says a tax-funded “tell-all” sex exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology “cannot be defended” and they are calling on LifeSiteNews readers to complain to the museum.

The raunchy exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology, which encourages youth to practice anal sex and advertises that 14-year-old children can obtain abortions without parents’ permission, sparked an uproar this week in the run-up to its Thursday opening.

The museum falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government’s Ministry of Canadian Heritage and receives about $30 million per year in funding from taxpayers.


Sébastien Gariépy, spokesman for Heritage Minister James Moore, told LifeSiteNews Thursday that the exhibit, entitled ‘Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition’, clearly falls outside the museum’s mandate to “foster scientific and technological literacy throughout Canada.”

“This content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers,” he said. “We have expressed our strong concerns to the president of the Museum, and we encourage Canadians who are concerned to do the same.”

“Denise Amyot is the President of the Museum of Science and Technology. Her phone number is (613) 991-3044, and I would encourage you to share that number with your readers,” he added.

Despite the government rebuke, the museum appears ready to go ahead with the exhibit’s opening, though the backlash has prompted them to up the entry age from 12 to 16. Younger children can still attend with an adult, however, which would include school field trips.

Created for teens by the Montreal Science Centre with the help of “sexologists,” it praises multiple partners and includes a “climax room” with depictions of aroused genitals as a recording describes the sensation of orgasm.

Another section includes a recording of sexologist Jamy Ryan discussing anal sex: “If you’re comfortable with trying that activity, go ahead and do it. It could be fun for you. But if you’re not, you don’t really have to do it. It’s not an obligation.”

The exhibit also included an animated video showing naked youth masturbating, but it was removed after complaints by horrified parents.

The entire exhibit has received a barrage of complaints, with many accusing it of promoting an explicit and immoral vision of sexuality.

On Wednesday, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada called on Minister Moore to have the exhibit cancelled, saying that it is “erotic” and essentially “soft pornography.” Most families would prefer sexuality be discussed within families, they noted.

The Ottawa museum has said they were blindsided by the complaints because the exhibit had not sparked backlash when displayed previously in Montreal and Regina.

The Ottawa organizers hoped the exhibit would help “fill in gaps” left by Ontario’s sex education curriculum, according to QMI Agency.

Contact Information:

Denise Amyot
President, Canadian Museum of Science and Technology
Phone: (613) 991-3044
E-mail: [email protected]

James Moore, Canadian Heritage Minister
E-mail: [email protected]