OTTAWA, October 20, 2004 ( – Canadian Minister of Health Ujjal Dosanjh indicated in the House of Commons today that Canada would be supporting the United Nations proposal to ban all forms of human cloning.  Pro-life lobbyists at the UN remain cautious however about relying on Canadian support, remembering Canada’s similar promise and then abstention on a crucial vote on the same issue last year.  Conservative MP Rob Merrifield noted in the House today that “the government says it is opposed to human cloning but last year at the United Nations Canada abstained from a vote on the issue. This week it has another chance. The United Nations is again going to debate the resolution to ban all forms of human cloning.”  Merrifield asked, “My question is: will the government continue to say no at home but something different at the United Nations, or will it say no to human cloning?”  Dosanjh responded, “The Canadian law is very clear. We are committed to opposing all forms of human cloning and we will take positions internationally that are consistent with our domestic policies.”  Jhw