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OTTAWA, June 5, 2003 ( – Homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson is once again drawing the ire of family supportive Canadians.  Just as his hates crimes Bill C-250 is in its final stages of consideration in Parliament, he has introduced a motion seeking total abortion on demand in Canada.  Motion 440, introduced by Robinson Monday, calls on the government to “establish a task force on the integration of abortion into the health delivery system as a medical procedure in accordance with the five principles of the Canada Health Act and ensure Medicare-funded hospital and clinic abortion services exist in all provinces and territories.”  The motion further asks the government to “increase the proportion of hospitals providing abortions from the current 17% to 33% by 2005” and “ensure that Health Canada adopts a framework on sexual and reproductive health that includes abortion as a safe, legal medical procedure, available to women on demand.”  Canada already has near abortion on demand with over 115,000 abortions committed each year in hospitals and abortuaries across the country. Robinson’s bill would force even more institutions and medical staff to engage in the repugnant practice. With Bill C-250, NDP socialist Robinson is also attempting to crush free expression and religious freedom by criminalizing criticism of homosexual activity. Robinson is also an activist for euthanasia legalization.  See the Order Paper listing all motions: