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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — It has now been revealed that statements by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau associating the “Freedom Convoy” with Nazism were unfounded, according to Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) documents published by Blacklock’s Reporter.

On January 31, 2022, Trudeau conflated support for the “Freedom Convoy” with “Nazi symbolism” in his first press conference addressing the massive anti-mandate demonstration that captured the world’s attention in the first two months of the year.

Trudeau also stated at the time that he would not meet with the truckers because of their supposed “hateful rhetoric” and “violence towards citizens,” behavior he consistently implied was a core aspect of the movement’s strategy to put an end to COVID jab mandates nationwide.

Contradicting Trudeau’s characterization, the now-revealed documentation from CSIS, dated February 2 – just two days after the prime minister’s initial comments – explain that the protest was predominantly comprised of “patriotic Canadians standing up for their democratic rights” and not of those holding extremists beliefs.

Detailing how the presence of bigoted imagery is “not unique” when it comes to large-scale protests, CSIS also noted that the presence of swastikas on some flags was “not necessarily to self-identify as Nazis but to imply the Prime Minister and federal government are acting like Nazis by imposing public health mandates.”

It was therefore the conclusion of CSIS that while some attendees had manually added swastikas to flags, it was to associate Trudeau with Nazism as a statement of their opposition to the ideology.

Two weeks after the CSIS report was produced, Trudeau doubled-down on his conflation of the Freedom Convoy with Nazism, accusing the Conservative Party of Canada, and in particular Jewish MP Melissa Lantsmann, of standing “with people who wave swastikas.”

The publication of the CSIS documents cast further doubt on the claims of Trudeau’s Liberal Party that the Freedom Convoy’s presence in Ottawa warranted the unprecedented response of invoking the Emergencies Act (EA). The same act which allowed Trudeau’s government to both deploy the national police force to physically remove protesters as well as direct banks to freeze the accounts of those associated with the movement without a court order.

As backlash against Trudeau’s use of the EA continues to intensify, and more information is revealed, it is now apparent that Liberal Party Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino has lied in at least a dozen instances regarding the now-debunked claim that law enforcement agencies had requested the invocation of the EA.

Mendicino’s history of lying extends beyond the “Freedom Convoy,” with Blackock’s recently reporting that in a separate investigation into internal Liberal Party dealings, the minister was caught backdating documents in “an apparent bid to mislead a federal judge.”

Presently, hearings into the invocation of the Emergencies Act are set to begin on Thursday, with 65 witness slated to testify in the initial stage.