Canadian Jewish Authors Castigate Anti-Christian Media Bias

CALGARY, May 30, 2005 ( – Calgary Sun writer Ezra Levant, in a column today, illustrated the magnitude of the slur against Canadian Christians when the Globe and Mail published Gloria Galloway’s story Friday slamming eight new candidates for the Conservative party because of their Christian conservative views.

By exchanging the word “Christian” with the word “Jew,” and by swapping “rabbi” and “synagogue” for “pastor” and “church” respectively, Levant made clear the enormity of the smear. “Out of 308 riding associations, the Globe only found eight in which Jews were candidates,” Levant illustrates. “But still they called it ‘a large number’ and ‘an unfortunate turn’ for the party, especially a party trying to shuck off accusations of a ‘hidden agenda.’”

Couching the story in terms that are recognized as overtly anti-Semitic makes clear the bias of the Globe and Galloway. “Canadian universities limited Jewish medical students until the 1950s, so why not limit Jewish candidates in 2005?” Levant explained. “Measured by their percentage of the population, Jews should make do with three seats, not eight.”

Winnipeg Free Press columnist Charles Adler added his criticism to that of Levant’s. “Do you think The Globe and Mail would use headlines like ‘Indo-Canadian activists capturing Liberal races,’ or ‘Muslim Activists forcing Liberals to shift position on Israel’?” he asks. “The truth is The Globe gets a free throw in this country, as do other media, when it comes to castigating Christians.”

Adler, a Jew, and “not a social conservative,” said, “I don’t want to see our government restrict access to abortion. Nor do I oppose gay marriage. But I am becoming increasingly opposed to those in media, academics, polling and politics who wish to deny some individuals and groups a place at the table.”

Adler adds that, “There is not a sliver of evidence that Christians won the contests described by The Globe by subverting either party rules or Canadian law. If there were, the newspaper would have found room in its 1,100-word front-page smear job to point it out.”

See Friday’s coverage of the Galloway spectacle:
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