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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop expanding assisted suicide

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) –– The Canadian judge tasked with overseeing a public inquiry into alleged meddling in Canada’s two most recent federal elections by agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has promised to “uncover the truth whatever it may be.” 

On Monday, Justice Marie-Josée Hogue, who will be heading up the public inquiry into alleged election meddling by CCP agents, said she and her lawyers will remain “impartial” and will not be influenced by politics. 

“Commission lawyers and I are neutral and impartial,” said Hogue.  

“We represent the public interest. Our goal is to uncover the truth whatever it may be.” 

The federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been slow in responding to allegations of CCP election meddling after announcing on September 7, 2023, that it would be launching a public inquiry led by Hogue. 

The public inquiry comes after Trudeau launched a failed investigation into CCP allegations last year after much delay. That inquiry was not done in the public and was headed by “family friend” and former Governor General David Johnston, whom Trudeau appointed as “independent special rapporteur.” 

Johnston quit as “special rapporteur” after a public outcry following his conclusion that there should not be a public inquiry into the matter. Conservative MPs demanded Johnston be replaced over his ties to both China and the Trudeau family. 

To date, the evidence that parliamentary committees have uncovered shows that Canadian authorities were aware that agents of the CCP were targeting MPs from opposition parties but decided against taking any action. 

Hogue promised she would make “every effort to get to the bottom of this and understand what the country has faced, and what it may still be facing in terms of foreign interference.” 

“Foreign interference in our democratic institutions is a very serious issue,” she noted.  

When it comes to the CCP, many Canadians, especially pro-freedom Chinese Canadians, are concerned considering Trudeau’s past praise for China’s “basic dictatorship” and his labeling of the authoritarian nation as his favorite country other than his own.     

The potential meddling in Canada’s elections by agents of the CCP has many Canadians worried as well.   

To bring home this point, LifeSiteNews recently reported that one of Trudeau’s top ministers, Mary Ng, was called out as having allegedly received support from the CCP in the 2019 Canadian federal election.   

LifeSiteNews also recently reported that the Canadian federal government continues to give millions in aid to China and by extension its ruling CCP government despite the allegations of meddling.

Two MPs have been directly targeted by agents of the CCP  

Thus far, evidence shows that at least two MPs, Conservative Michael Chong and New Democrat Jenny Kwan, were the direct targets of agents of the CCP. 

Two weeks ago, LifeSiteNews reported on how amid rising tensions between Canada and China, Kwan, who is a native of Hong Kong, said she will be the target of agents of the Communist Chinese regime for her “entire life.”   

Indeed, Hogue has granted Kwan standing at the inquiry because of her being targeted by agents of the CCP.  

During a May 16, 2023, House of Commons foreign affairs committee meeting, another Chinese Canadian MP who has been reportedly threatened by agents of the CCP, Michael Chong, said he has “received threats I believe may be related to the People’s Republic of China and I will just leave it at that.”  

Chong noted that he does not want to “talk specifically about those threats for obvious reasons,” but that the “appropriate agencies and authorities in the federal government” as well as local police have been informed of the threats.   

He said the threats explain recent meetings he has had with officials from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.   

Chong noted that he had more than one threat, and one involved an incident in the 2021 federal election.   

Last year, Chong disclosed that he had been personally threatened multiple times by who he believed to be a diplomat named Zhao Wei, who was acting as an agent of Communist China. He said the threats were concerning enough that he had to call the police out of concern for his safety.      

After the scandal broke, Wei was kicked out of Canada. The Communist Chinese government retaliated by expelling a Canadian diplomat shortly thereafter.  

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop expanding assisted suicide