A “very, very serious thing” that “could apply even to religious leaders”

OTTAWA, November 27, 2001 ( – Canadian Justice Minister Anne McLellan announced a new push to include sexual orientation as a protected status in hate propaganda laws. The Toronto Sun reported last week that in response to questions by homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson McLellan promised action on the measure. McLellan said she would seek the support of provincial and territorial justice ministers when she meets with them this week. “If there is general agreement to proceed, we will do so,” she said.

Similar statutes in Canadian human rights codes have led to Christians in Canada facing thousands of dollars in fines. Mayors have been fined for refusing to proclaim gay pride day, a printer was fined for refusing to print pro-homosexual propaganda, and a Christian private school has been successfully sued for dismissing practicing homosexuals from their teaching staff. Pro-family leaders are concerned that if placed in hate crime legislation, pro-family Canadians may face criminal prosecution and increasing persecution from homosexual militants. This development seems more than coincidental with the inclusion of a new offence of ‘mischief motivated by bias, prejudice or hate’ in Ottawa’s sweeping anti-terror legislation.

Robinson, used the brutal murder of a homosexual in BC as his excuse for introducing a Private Member’s Bill that would include sexual orientation among the grounds protected by hate crimes legislation. Gwen Landolt, a lawyer with REAL Women Canada, told LifeSite that such legislation is a “very very serious thing.” It would apply “to anyone who will speak out against homosexuality – it could apply even to religious leaders,” she said. Landolt said Robinson was “exploiting the tragedy in order to promote his agenda, using it as a platform.”

(Toronto Sun – November 22, 2001 Gays to get fed support: Grits eye hate law By David Gamble)