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CALGARY, Alberta, March 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A lawyer blasted Canada’s provincial chief medical officers for championing COVID lockdowns, saying “[n]o credible doctor would harm” people’s well-being by “stripping” them of their “freedoms” and disallowing them to be with loved ones, the way chief medical health officers are doing.

“If an individual doctor treated an individual patient in the way that our chief medical officers are treating all of society, that doctor should be reported to the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons for medical malpractice,” wrote John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) in an opinion piece published in The Post Millennial on March 1.

“Sadly, I suspect that a College of Physicians and Surgeons would dismiss a complaint filed against the province’s chief medical officer. It appears that our provincial Colleges fully support the unscientific notion that harming the wellbeing of millions of Canadians is justified by the futile quest to contain a virus that poses no threat to 90 percent of the population.”

Carpay resides in Calgary, Alberta, and both he and his legal team at the JCCF have been vocal in opposing lockdowns in his province, as well as nationwide.

In his opinion piece, Carpay began by providing a scenario to his readers, imagining a doctor who “kidnaps you and confines you for months on end” and then proceeds to take away “most of your freedoms and much of what makes your life meaningful, but says it’s for your own good.”

“It’s to protect you from a nasty virus that kills sick and elderly people in nursing homes who already have one or more serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and emphysema. Even if you yourself are not vulnerable to this nasty virus, you still need to lose your freedoms and human dignity, just in case,” Carpay wrote.

“No credible doctor would harm your well-being by stripping you of your freedom, your personal contact with loved ones, and your joy. No trustworthy doctor would prevent you from singing in a choir, participating in team and individual sports, going to the gym, or enjoying life in the manner you choose. No ethical doctor would harm your well-being and then give you a brochure explaining how to minimize the harms that he is inflicting upon you.”

Carpay then went on to write that Canada’s federal and provincial governments are tragically “behaving exactly like the unethical doctor described above.”

“Politicians are harming your health on the advice of politically appointed chief medical officers, who are prescribing a useless and toxic ‘cure’ for a virus that poses no significant threat to children, youth, and about 90 percent of the population,” wrote Carpay.

The JCCF is currently suing the Alberta government over passing Bill 10 last year. The Public Health Act is attacked for “providing sweeping, extraordinary, and nearly unlimited powers to any government minister at the stroke of a pen.”

The JCCF has continually blasted the Jason Kenney government for continued lockdowns and the impact they have had on Albertan’s lives, pointing out the extremely high survival rate.

The legal group is currently involved in many legal cases regardin COVID-19 — in Alberta, and Canada-wide — representing people and groups fighting fines and charges.

The JCCF is notably representing jailed Pastor James Coates and his Grace Life Church in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Coates was jailed for preaching his faith to his flock.

An Alberta judge recently dismissed an appeal to Coates’ bail conditions, which block his release unless he agrees to not hold church services amid severe coronavirus lockdowns, meaning he will remain behind bars until his trial date of May 3 to 5.

According to statistics compiled by the JCCF, the survival rate in Alberta from COVID-19 is 99.96 percent.

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