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BORDEN, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian military base is hosting  “drag queen bingo” nights for soldiers and their spouses.  

On March 2, the Huron Club Jr Rank Mess is hosting their second “drag queen bingo” for military personnel at the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden, Ontario. It will follow a previous drag night, which was held this January 28. 


Proceeds from the January 28 drag bingo night went to support ‘Soldier On,’ a program which supports ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces personnel and veterans. 

“I would like to highlight how proud we are to contribute to Soldier On,” Master Corporal Ray Huynh, President of the Mess Committee (PMC) told the Borden Citizen. “Additionally, I must thank the queens for volunteering their time and money to drive up to CFB Borden and for their extravagant performances.” 

Leanne McCullough, Mess Manager of Huron Club Junior Ranks Mess, expressed her satisfaction that the event introduced younger military members to drag queen performers.  

“It’s something different and not a lot of the younger members have been exposed to an event like this before,” she said.  

The entertainment for March’s event will feature the Haus of Devereaux, a group of female impersonators based in Newmarket, Ontario. 

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In recent years, the Canadian military has become increasingly woke and has been forcing LGBT ideology on its personnel.    

In June, the Canadian military was criticized for “raising the pride flag” in honor of the “2SLGBTQI+ communities.”  

That same month, Canadian troops in Latvia were forced to purchase their own helmets and food when the Trudeau government failed to provide proper supplies. Weeks later, Trudeau lectured the same troops on “climate change” and disinformation.   

In November, officials admitted that the nation’s military is shrinking to dangerously low numbers as Trudeau continues to push the LGBT agenda on Canadian soldiers. In addition to low recruitment, the military is struggling to retain soldiers.   

A Canadian Armed Force member previously told LifeSiteNews that between the COVID vaccine mandates and pushing the LGBT agenda, Canadians soldiers have lost confidence in the military.    

“And it’s not stopping with the gender ideology; it’s going to include medical assistance in dying,” he added. “There’s something fundamentally changing. And for most people, it doesn’t sit well with them.”  

He explained that the new ideologies are driving away new recruits, as the primary source of recruitment for the military is Saskatchewan farm boys who want to serve Canada – not radical left-wing ideologies.

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“That farm boy looks at the army and with the blue hair and the face, piercings and ideologies and all that stuff,” he said. “And it doesn’t have the same pull because it doesn’t represent the farm boy’s values.” 

“This is not the Canada that we signed up to defend. It’s an alien ideology that people don’t resonate with,” he continued. “These are not Canadian values of freedom and democracy. These are cancel culture values of censorship, of authoritarianism, of radical ideologies that are alien to our culture.” 

Earlier this week, a Commanding Officer of the 4th Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) of the Greater Toronto Area Detachment threatened soldiers who dared to throw out tampon dispensers which had been placed in men’s bathrooms as part of the military’s new “inclusion” policy.