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Claudia, a COVID vaccine injury victimSymptosi

(LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian wife and mother continues to suffer from major physical damage after her employer forced her to take the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”

Claudia’s story was shared on a website called Symptosi, which means “coincidence” in Greek. The platform is a method for individuals to share their experiences after taking the shots. Although the site does not claim that all physical problems are directly caused by the shots, it is an example of the large number of serious, long-term health issues which arise post-vaccination and may not be mere coincidences.

According to a post written in December, Claudia was a healthy “wife, mother of three and sole financial provider to her family” after taking a government contract job while her husband took care of their kids at home.

When the government mandated the so-called “vaccines,” Claudia submitted two exemption letters, including a religious exemption from her archbishop. The second letter was from a doctor who, after completing a blood analysis, determined she had natural immunity to the coronavirus “and that taking the inoculation would be dangerous to her health.” 

However, her “employer did not accept/recognize the exemption letters.” 

“Claudia received her first shot with tears in her eyes. She drank some holy water before getting her first injection. Upon returning home from the inoculation, Claudia experienced pain in her chest,” the story reads. 

A week later the woman sought answers, but no tests showed any problems with her heart. Then, she “started experiencing constant dizziness and pressure in her head, which was accompanied by paresthesia (a burning or prickling sensation) in her left leg, in addition to the chest pains.”

Two months after taking the first dose, the dizziness improved. But Claudia was told “that she was required to get her second shot, or she would lose her job.” 

“While getting the second injection, Claudia asked the lady who injected her to pray with her. Together they prayed the ‘Our Father,’” according to the story.

The story continued to outline the “severe neurological problems” Claudia “had developed” by December 2021. “Nerve pains inside her head, her temples, burning sensations inside her brain,” the account reads.  

Burning sensations in ears, lymph nodes, eyes and tongue were also listed, as well as “extreme fatigue” which made climbing stairs “very difficult” and limited her exercise to walking no “more than a block.”  

“Many times, she couldn’t walk from the parking lot at work to the office. Claudia would seek out an empty bathroom or office at work to cry in silence.” 

Last March, she “got a hold of ivermectin,” which “significantly” improved “the level of pain and burning she experienced.” Providentially, this treatment “has enabled her to avoid the extreme discomfort she was experiencing before; however, she continues to experience frequent flareups and the neurological symptoms.” 

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“Claudia’s faith is stronger than ever, and it is her faith that has given her strength during this difficult time,” the story concludes. “Claudia has also begun to take supplements which has helped her maintain a level of health that allows her to function. Claudia hopes that by sharing her story she can bring awareness to the real issues and to let others know they are not alone.” 

Symptosi notes that the shots were “administered only with emergency use authorization” and that “the public was reassured that the vaccines were thoroughly tested.” The site also points out that “the inoculations can neither stop transmission or contraction,” and that “there is also no peer reviewed data showing that the inoculation reduces severity of anyone who contracts the virus.” 

Other recent testimonies published on the site tell horror stories of massive blood clots and heart attacks. One woman expressed the need for the public to know that “the new shots were only tested on 8 mice.”  

Data collected since the rollout of the shots has also pointed to significant health risks after receiving the “vaccines.” In June 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released data showing a total 1,287,595 cases of adverse reactions from the shots between December 2020 and May 2022. 

Additionally, the so-called “vaccines” have been shown to cause consistent heart injury in recipients and probable connections to myocarditis in children. An autopsy report from December also found that the shots were the cause of death for three individuals who had no preexisting health issues prior to receiving the “vaccines.”

Those interested in connecting with the Symptosi platform to share experiences of health issues post-vaccination can do so here.


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