Canadian MP gives heart-rending testimony on choosing life for child with Trisomy 18: ‘Elijah deserved a chance at life’

‘As hard as it was, I think if we had had an abortion it would have been far worse,’ Conservative MP Kyle Seeback says in a new promo video for the National March for Life.
Thu Mar 26, 2015 - 2:38 pm EST
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Conservative MP Kyle Seeback Patrick Craine / LifeSiteNews

OTTAWA, March 26, 2015 ( -- With the National March for Life, the largest annual pro-life demonstration in Canada, just seven weeks away, Campaign Life Coalition is pleased to release the fourth video in the Let Life Win video series featuring MP Kyle Seeback (Brampton West). The pro-life MP shares a personal story of the hardships associated with the loss of a child at birth, and why abortion was never a choice for him and his wife, in spite of the difficulties.

While pregnant, the Seebacks were informed that their son Elijah had a 75 percent chance of having Trisomy 18, a serious genetic disorder. Their worst fears came true when Elijah was stillborn. Even through the tremendous heartache, Seeback states that “the time we had together was incredibly moving, powerful, wonderful, and terrible, I don’t know how else to describe it. But Elijah deserved a chance at life, I’m so firmly convinced of that.”

“Mr. Seeback and his wife have shown admirable courage in the face of a tremendous challenge,” said Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition. “I hope that this personal testimonial will give courage to other parents facing similar hardships by showing them that the humanity of their preborn children is not defined by their health or level of development.”

“An overwhelming majority of children with a negative prenatal diagnosis is aborted in this country every year and it’s about time our Parliament creates a law that gives these children a chance at life,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, national organizer of Campaign Life Coalition. “If so many sons and daughters and grandchildren are aborted because they aren’t so called ‘perfect’, what does that say about our nation?”

On Thursday, May 14, the pre-march rally, which begins on Parliament Hill at 12 noon, will feature several speakers including parliamentarians and pro-life and religious leaders. The March through downtown Ottawa starts at 1:30 pm. Other March for Life related events include a Candlelight vigil on May 13, and the Rose Dinner (featuring New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas) and Youth Banquet (featuring anti-pornography and popular youth speaker Matt Fradd) on May 14.

Campaign Life Coalition has March for Life posters and brochures available at The first 3 videos of the campaign featuring MP Stephen Woodworth (Kitchener-Centre), Adriana’s story, and Debbie’s story are below:


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