By Hilary White

OTTAWA, December 13, 2007 ( ) – An NDP Member of Parliament has introduced a bill to add yet another in a growing and long list of groups to the hate crimes act. Now its the “transgendered” who are being presented as an “identifiable group” against whom it would be a criminal offence to “discriminate.”

Bill Siksay, MP for Burnaby-Douglas in British Columbia who is himself a homosexual, has introduced, bill C-494, that would add the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the criminal code under the section addressing “hate crimes”. 

Siksay is well known as one of Canada’s most energetic Parliamentary homosexual activists who has recently made “transgender” a key focus of his work. This is the second time he has put forward a bill that would attempt to recognise the “transgendered” as a political reality. Previously he had brought up in public meetings the possibility of changing federal building codes to provide “trans-friendly” unisex and/or single-stall washrooms in new or renovated buildings.
While those who consider themselves “transgendered” usually claim they were “wrongly” “born into the body” of the opposite sex and that this can be “corrected” with a combination of surgery and hormone treatments, the biological sex of an individual is genetically determined from the first instant of the fusion of ovum and sperm.

“Transgender”, however, is usually seen as more a political and philosophical term, popularised in the 1970’s, than one related to biology. While mental health professionals use the terms “gender dysphoria” and “gender identity disorder” and continue to debate the best response, the term has recently been most potent as a tool to further advance the goals of the homosexual political movement. This term and its variants has been widely employed by government, academia, media and in the medical establishment that have for the most part adopted those goals.

Under this philosophy, one related to extreme forms of materialism that radically separates physical reality from the mind, people are said to determine their own “gender”. The “transgender” phenomenon, it is said, occurs when a person’s personal “gender identity” does not match that “assigned” by biology, their parents, or society’s expectations.

While sex is biologically determined, the idea that “gender” is a socially constructed and entirely malleable concept that can be altered at will, is widely supported. The Australian Christian activist Babette Francis explained to that “gender” is one of the most important concepts debated at the United Nations. 

Francis told in an interview in 2005 that at the UN, debates are ongoing to decide how many “genders” there are. The “gender” lobby, Francis said, as a branch of the ultra-radical feminist movement, “want to eliminate the division of human beings into men and women and have an infinite number of genders all along the political spectrum.”

At a women’s conference in Beijing in 1995, the debate was that “gender was a socially malleable construct and that human beings couldn’t be restricted to male and female, that they were along a continuous spectrum and that there were all kinds of genders.”

“They were up to five at that time. They may be up to seven or eleven by now,” she added. 

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