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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis said the Canadian federal government should admit that using the Emergencies Act EA to go after the Freedom Convoy was “faulty,” especially considering Canada’s state broadcaster ran fake news stories regarding the truckers.

“With even the CBC now admitting that some of their main narratives about the convoy and who was behind it were false, the government should admit the reasoning behind the emergencies act was also faulty and the freezing of Canadians funds was illegitimate,” tweeted Lewis Tuesday.

Last week news broke that Canada’s state-funded broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), had to retract a story that falsely claimed most support for the Freedom Convoy came from foreigners.

The reality is that the vast majority of donations made to both GoFundMe and then later to GiveSendGo came from Canadian donors.

The CBC had also earlier retracted a story run in January that falsely claimed Russia was somehow behind the Freedom Convoy.

Lewis’ tweet concerning the abuse of the Emergencies Act by the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau comes as a joint committee of Parliament has started an investigation into the government’s actions against the Freedom Convoy protesters.

Trudeau enacted the Emergencies Act in February which he claimed was needed to deal with the Freedom Convoy protesters, who for nearly three weeks were in Ottawa demanding an end to all COVID mandates. Trudeau revoked it on February 23.

Trudeau’s use of the EA gave the federal government unparalleled powers such as the ability to freeze bank accounts, even without a court order. It also allowed the government to deploy the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to physically remove protesters.

The Freedom Convoy’s main leader Tamara Lich was met with a hero’s welcome upon returning home to Medicine Hat, Alberta, last Saturday.

Lich had just spent almost three weeks in jail for opposing the COVID edicts of Trudeau before getting bail.

Although currently out on bail, Lich’s conditions for release ban her from speaking out against the Canadian government’s COVID rules on social media and online and from attending any COVID protests.