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Toronto filmmaker Cheuk Kwan testifying about CCP election meddlingCanada Wide News / YouTube

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) –– During testimony before the House of Commons ethics committee last week, a Chinese-Canadian filmmaker revealed that he witnessed firsthand proxies of the Communist Party of China (CCP) take busloads of people to vote for the regime’s preferred candidate in Canada’s nomination races. 

The revelation was made by Toronto filmmaker, Cheuk Kwan. He testified before the committee last Friday that, as co-chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, he’s well aware that such practices of CCP election meddling are the “standard modus operandi.” 

“Chinese consulates may not do it directly, they have their proxies as a ‘wink-wink’ thing,” said Kwan when asked by Conservative Party of Canada MP Michael Barrett if such practices were common. 

“They have business people arranging for busses and paying stipends, something like $20 or $50 a day to pass in people either to a nomination meeting or to do counter-protesting,” outlined Kwan, noting that he was witnessed this kind of CCP-linked activity “first-hand.”

Continuing, Kwan testified that “we have seen this in one of the fights at the Toronto District School Board, where they bused in international students from Waterloo to go out into Toronto to do this kind of thing.”

“And this is something that I’ve seen firsthand, and this is something that I’ve been told firsthand by many of their writings as well,” he emphasized. 

Kwan’s revelations regarding the bussing of people by CCP proxies to vote in nomination races for a preferred candidate further paint a grim picture of Canadian election meddling by CCP-affiliated agents, notably in favor of Liberal Party candidates.  

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Federal Trade Minister Mary Ng was mum after being confronted about her endorsement of a Canadian organization considered a front of CCP, the Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations (CTCCO). 

As noted by Kwan at the committee meeting, organizations such as the CTCCO are “urged on and supported by Chinese consulates,” and are then “set up by individuals sympathetic to the regime.” 

LifeSiteNews recently highlighted how two new reports from Canada’s national security agency reveal that the Communist Chinese government was allegedly funding Canadian political candidates in the 2019 federal election.  

Under mounting pressure to investigate the alleged CCP interference, Trudeau said last week he would be appointing an “independent special rapporteur,” but declined to launch a full, public inquiry. 

be appointing an “independent special rapporteur,” but declined to launch a full, public inquiry.  

Trudeau’s refusal to launch a public inquiry comes despite the fact that MPs from all opposition parties agreed last week that they are in favor of such an investigation.   

Moreover, despite calls from senators, MPs and others to crackdown on Canadian paid agents working for foreign governments, Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino announced that a registry of paid agents will be delayed for months. 

The potential interference by foreign agents has many Canadians concerned, especially considering Trudeau’s past praise for China’s “basic dictatorship,” and his labeling of the dictatorial nation as his favorite country other than his own.   

While the overall scandal has been brewing for some time, the issue really took off on February 17 when the Globe and Mail, citing Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) documents, reported that “an orchestrated machine was operating in Canada with two primary aims: to ensure that a minority Liberal government was returned in 2021, and that certain Conservative candidates identified by China were defeated.”   

Matters were made worse on February 24 when Global Newsbroke a story that showed that Trudeau was made aware of these allegations but did not take any action.