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(LifeSiteNews) — Canadian parents are set to keep their children home from school to protest the beginning of LGBT “pride” month this June.

Over the weekend of May 31 to June 4, parents across Ontario will participate in the National “Pride” Flag Walk-Out Day, by keeping their children home to protest schools raising the “pride” flag.   

“The indoctrination surrounding the transgender/homosexual ‘pride’ flags in our schools is insidious,” Campaign Life Coalition’s (CLC) president Jeff Gunnarson told parents.  

“And this is what they want to put in front of your kids and have them celebrate, with a cult-like devotion!” he warned.  

“The ‘rainbow of perversion’ covers an ever-growing list of sexual behaviors and ideologies that run contrary to God’s plan for traditional marriage and the family, and it’s always getting worse,” he explained.  

CLC is encouraging parents to keep their children home Friday, May 31 to Tuesday, June 4 as schools plan to raise the “Pride” flag sometime during that period.  

The initiative, spearheaded by CLC, has been promoted by many Ontario parents, including the Parents Rights Coalition of Canada, which was formed in July 2023.  

Speaking about the LGBT indoctrination occurring in Canadian schools, Chanel Pfahl, a former public high school teacher, told parents during a May 25 Parental Rights Coalition of Canada virtual summit, “If ever you get the chance to walk through your kids’ school, have a look.”

“Either students in clubs will work on these [topics] or a class will do a project showcase, or it could just be an activist teacher who’s doing it all on their own,” she warned.   

Last year, the walkout was a massive success with thousands of students staying home on June 1 when their schools flew the “pride” flag.   

Furthermore, the walkout seemed to spark a resistance against the LGBT agenda which remained strong until the end of the school year.  

In June 2023, following the walk-out protest, video footage from a pro-family protest in Ottawa went viral showing young Muslim boys stomping on “pride” flags.

The same month, students at Sir Frederick Banting High School in London, Ontario, cheered as a male student tore the “pride” flag from the school’s flagpole.