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The 'Pride' flag is raised at the Waterloo Region Catholic Education Centre, June 1, 2021.Melanie Van Alphen / Twitter

(LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s top pro-life and pro-family group is urging Canadian parents to keep their children home from school on June 1 to protest the promotion of “Pride Month” in the public education system. 

On May 25, pro-life and pro-family organization Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) announced the first annual National Pride Flag Walk-Out Day to take place on June 1 as schools fly the “pride flag” to mark the beginning of gay “Pride Month.”

“The LGBT lobby is doing real damage to children, especially via the pandemic of sexual confusion it has created through using the school system for indoctrination in gender ideology,” CLC’s director of political operations Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews.

“The schools have been the personal plaything of LGBT activists for some time now, and we’re seeing the result: a social contagion of young children and teens asking for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and even amputations of healthy body parts,” he warned.

“We have to start peacefully challenging their power and asserting our own parental rights over the moral education of our children,” Fonseca recommended.  

“We cannot let the transgender and gay lobbies continue to dominate our children, obliterate our parental rights, and confuse our kids with lasting damage as a result,” he urged.

For those who would like to participate in the fight against LGBT agenda but do not have children attending schools where the pride flag will be flown, CLC has planned a few “pray-ins” at a school board in Toronto and at the offices of various Catholic bishops in Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa. More information as to the times and locations can be found here 

CLC is also providing a printable handout providing the details for the event for parents, students, and concerned individuals to distribute to bring awareness to the event.  

The movement is aimed to unite the efforts of parents and concerned individuals throughout the country, as more and more see the need to peacefully resist the LGBT agenda being pushed on children in schools. 

Earlier this month, over 400 students, about 1/3 of the student body, stayed home from Eagle Heights Elementary School in London, Ontario when the school raised “pride” flags to mark the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. 

The school experienced similar absences in February when the “pride” flag was flown in celebration of “Rainbow Day.” 

Fonseca celebrated this decision, saying, “Parents said a big fat NO to teachers brainwashing their children with homosexual and transgender ideology. The risk of being called ‘homophobic’ by the mainstream media was obviously less important to these loving moms and dads than the need to protect their children’s immortal souls from being led to accept evil as good, and good as evil.” 

Other elementary schools in London, Ontario reported low attendance rates that day, including Ashley Oaks, Sir George Etienne Cartier, Westmount and Sir Isaac Brock elementary schools. At Arthur Ford Public School, 375 students were absent, and 300 students were missing from Wilfrid Jury Public School. 

In recent months there has been an increasing number of people defending pro-life and pro-family values, including high school student Josh Alexander who was suspended for saying that God made two sexes, male and female.   

Similarly, last month, a group of young Canadians protested a school-sponsored drag queen event in front of York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto. 

Earlier this month, pro-LGBT school trustee Wendy Ashby resigned from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board after over 3,000 parents petitioned for her removal. 

“The LGBT lobby has moved from a phase of tolerance to one of supremacy,” Fonseca warned. “LGBT supremacists are a major threat facing Canada. This pride flag is not a symbol of ‘inclusion’ as they deceptively tell us.” 

“It’s a symbol of conquest, in the same way that flags have been used by conquering armies throughout history,” he added. “When they fly the homosexual and transgender flag over our schools, they are claiming it as conquered territory.”

“The National Pride Flag Walk Out Day is one small, but significant step we can take to push back against the claim of ownership that LGBT activists have made on our children,” Fonseca declared. 

“We urge all parents and grandparents to organize and make this walkout happen in their school on June 1st,  2023, and every year after until the moral education of children is returned to us,” he added. “Please participate!”