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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – A Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) motion demanding an end to “all federal vaccine mandates” was voted down in Canada’s House of Commons yesterday due to opposition from the Liberal Party and their NDP allies.

CPC MP Michael Barrett’s motion had the full support of all CPC MPs, including interim leader Candice Bergen, and former leader Erin O’Toole. However, that was not enough to pass the motion, which was defeated in a 212-117 vote.

Only one Liberal MP, Joël Lightbound from Quebec, voted in favor of the motion. Lightbound had in February come out in favor of the trucker Freedom Convoy’s demands calling for an end to COVID mandates.

All Bloc Québécois MPs voted against the motion.

Barrett’s Opposition Motion called on the house to “immediately lift all federal vaccine mandates,” as well as protect the jobs of federally regulated employees and “enable Canadians to travel unimpeded.”

The defeat of the motion was not unexpected, as it was not likely the Liberal Party, or any other party besides the CPC, would support it.

In the debate preceding the vote on the motion, CPC MP Jeremy Patzer blasted the federal government of Justin Trudeau along with Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos over the mandates.

“Well, according to the health minister, there’s no end in sight for the federal COVID mandates. The Liberals have destroyed lives and careers. Many have lost mortgages. Others have had to leave the country altogether,” Patzer said.

“But a Canadian is a Canadian regardless of a medical condition or choice. Workers and families deserve respect, not abuse. They deserve basic accommodation and accessibility. When will the Health Ministry drop the federal mandate? So the mass firings in April won’t happen?”

Duclos replied claiming the COVID jabs have prevented more lockdowns from happening. Recently, he claimed that without the COVID jabs “400,000” additional Canadians would have died in 2021, and so far has not indicated when the mandates could be lifted.

Patzer sponsored an official House of Commons petition demanding that the federal government rehire all federal public servants who were fired because they did not take the COVID jabs. It has over 17,000 signatures.

Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra said recently that the vaccine mandate for travel by air, rail, and boat will remain in place for now.

However, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, recently said that the federal government is reviewing all federal COVID vaccine mandates.

Canada is the only major nation in the world that has banned the vaccine-free from traveling by air within and outside the country.

The Trudeau government last August announced that Canadians traveling by air, rail, or sea, both domestically and internationally, must have the experimental COVID jabs or they would be barred from those means of travel. The rule went into effect in December 2021.

A similar mandate for truckers, sending the un–jabbed into quarantine after crossing the U.S. border into Canada, went into effect in January. This resulted in truckers fighting back in the form of the Freedom Convoy.

Starting November 15, 2021, most federal employers were mandated to disclose their COVID jab status. Those without the jabs were not allowed to work and were placed on leave. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, a total of 1,084 employees and 27 in the health department were suspended as a result.

Most European nations have dropped all COVID mandates, including those related to travel.

However, Canada is allowing un-jabbed temporary foreign workers (TFWs) who are not citizens to leave the country by air, but vaccine-free Canadians are still barred from boarding a plane to leave the country.

Trudeau’s Liberals recently struck a deal with the New Democratic Party (NDP) that in theory could keep Trudeau in power until 2025, which is the year by law when the next election must be called.