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Help Canadian truckers at the border:

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Canada’s Parliament will vote today either to end or to keep COVID restrictions in the nation.  

The interim leader of the Loyal Opposition, the Conservative Party of Canada’s Candice Bergen, has demanded that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately release a plan to end COVID mandates. She urged all Members of Parliament (MPs) to vote this afternoon in favor of her motion to abolish all the COVID mandates.

“On Friday, February 11, Justin Trudeau called a news conference, from which no news emerged,” Bergen wrote last Friday.   

“Trudeau didn’t commit to a plan to actually do anything to fix the national protest movement that he and his government have provoked,” she continued.  

“In fact, he doubled down, saying he will maintain vaccine mandates for federal public servants and travel, without offering any scientific reasons. The Conservative Party continues to call on the government to release a concrete plan on when mandates will be rolled back.” 

Bergen added, “This Monday, February 14, Members of Parliament will be given the opportunity to support a Conservative motion calling for a concrete plan that gives Canadians a roadmap out of COVID-19 restrictions. We urge all MPs to vote in favour of our motion. Those who choose not to will need to explain to their constituents why.”  

The text of the motion reads, “That, given that provinces are lifting COVID-19 restrictions and that Dr. Theresa Tam has said that all existing public health measures need to be ‘re-evaluated’ so that we can ‘get back to some normalcy’, the House calls on the government to table a plan for the lifting of all federal mandates and restrictions, and to table that plan by February 28, 2022.” 

Nearly all Conservative MPs are expected to vote for the motion. 

It is unsure how other parties will vote; however, at least two Liberal Party MPs have broken ranks over Trudeau’s handling of the trucker convoy, and a third has called for an end to mandates, as well. 

Bergen said that Trudeau needs to “go further and take action” to remove all COVID measures, which is what the freedom convoy organizers are demanding.   

“The sooner, the better,” she declared 

Bergen, who became interim leader of the CPC after Erin O’Toole was voted out as leader in late January, has subsequently been a supporter of ending COVID mandates.  

She has also shown support for the freedom trucker convoy who have been in Ottawa for over two weeks. The truckers say they will not leave until all COVID mandates are lifted.  

CPC MP Pierre Poilievre, who is running to be the next party leader, also wrote a letter last week demanding that Trudeau end all COVID measures. He told the prime minister, through an open letter, that his power trip is over.”  

Last week as well, Poilievre launched a petition which called for all COVID restrictions to be removed.   

Tens of thousands of Canadians from coast to coast have gathered in Ottawa as part of the “Freedom Convoy 2022” to protest against COVID mandates. Protesters have now been there for over two weeks.  

Since that time, Trudeau has denounced the Freedom Convoy and refused to meet with its members. 

Last Friday, the prime minister threatened “real consequences with respect to their [truckers’] licenses to their jobs.” 

During a session in Parliament last week, Trudeau dismissed the Freedom Convoy and its supporters as “a few people shouting and waving swastikas.” 

Today, rumors are swirling that Trudeau will invoke the never used Emergencies Act, to suppress the trucker protesters both in Ottawa and at the blockades at multiple, crucial U.S.-Canada border crossings.  

The last time similar legalization was enacted was in 1970 when Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the prime minister at that time, invoked the War Measures Act in response to political violence in the province of Quebec.  The War Measures Act was repealed in 1988. 

Help Canadian truckers at the border: